2018 BC's Top Employers

A career at TransLink and our family of companies means working with people with a wide range of skills and perspectives, all teaming up towards a common goal: preserving and enhancing the region's world-envied quality of life. Together, we connect the region and enhance its livability by providing a sustainable transit and transportation network, embraced by our communities and people.

Explore our current career opportunities and find more than just a job. We're one of BC's Top Employers — come find out why.

Career Opportunities


Coast Mountain Bus Company (CMBC) is TransLink's largest operating company. We operate over 96% of the region's bus service as well as the SeaBus passenger ferries.

From human resources to mechanics, marine attendants and customer service representatives, you're sure to find a job that's right for you. 

Looking to be a bus operator? Visit the Bus Operator Opportunities section for all the details.

Job TitlePosted DateClosing Date
CMBC Transit Security Officer (2 Positions)2018/12/12 Open until filled
CMBC Carpenter2018/12/11 Open until filled
CMBC Pre-Apprentice Trainee - 70%2018/11/29 Open until filled
CMBC Facilities Mtce Electrician - FTT2018/11/29 Open until filled
CMBC Supervisor, Operations (4 Positions) - FTR2018/11/282018/12/12
CMBC Warranty Administrator2018/11/22 Open until filled
CMBC Partsperson (3 Positions)2018/10/302018/12/28
CMBC Assistant Manager, Infrastructure Maintenance2018/10/22 Open until filled
CMBC Serviceperson Trainee (11 Positions)2018/10/12 Open until filled
CMBC Maintenance Systems Coordinator-FTT(12 mths appx)2018/09/10 Open until filled
CMBC Assistant Maintenance Manager2018/08/23 Open until filled
CMBC Electronic Technician - Shop (2 positions)2018/08/22 Open until filled
CMBC Transit Security Officer - PTT (5 positions)2018/08/19 Open until filled
CMBC Mechanic (7 positions)2018/06/29 Open until filled
CMBC Marine Attendant Trainee - PTT (2 positions)2018/01/17 Open until filled

British Columbia Rapid Transit Company (BCRTC), on behalf of TransLink, maintains and operates the Expo and Millennium SkyTrain lines. SkyTrain is the oldest and one of the longest fully-automated, driverless rapid transit systems in the world.

Find a job in administration, engineering, elevator, escalator or vehicle maintenance, filed operations and more.

Job TitlePosted DateClosing Date
BCRTC Technical Analyst - Mechanical - FTT (12 months)2018/12/122018/12/22
BCRTC Confidential Assistant - PTR2018/12/05 Open until filled
BCRTC Casual Floater (Admin) - PTT (2 Positions)2018/11/30 Open until filled
BCRTC Engineering Coop Student - FTT (4 Months)2018/11/30 Open until filled
BCRTC Senior Safety Advisor2018/11/29 Open until filled
BCRTC WorkAbility Advisor2018/11/28 Open until filled
BCRTC LMS Administrator - FTT2018/11/23 Open until filled
BCRTC Labour Relations Coordinator - FTT (18 Months)2018/11/22 Open until filled
BCRTC Maintenance Planning Specialist2018/11/14 Open until filled
BCRTC Power Serviceperson - FTT (6 months)2018/11/06 Open until filled
BCRTC Manager, Signaling - Telecom2018/11/02 Open until filled
BCRTC Senior Financial Analyst, P-R2018/10/31 Open until filled
BCRTC Guideway Serviceperson (2 Positions)2018/10/25 Open until filled
BCRTC Power Technician (AIO Project)2018/10/05 Open until filled
BCRTC Power Technician2018/09/27 Open until filled
BCRTC Project Portfolio Specialist2018/09/26 Open until filled
BCRTC Guideway Technician (4 positions)2018/09/24 Open until filled
BCRTC Electronics Technician (3 positions)2018/08/28 Open until filled
BCRTC Electronic Technician - FTT (1 year)2018/08/17 Open until filled
BCRTC Electronic Technician2018/08/17 Open until filled
BCRTC Vehicle Technician - FTT (6 months)2018/08/16 Open until filled
BCRTC Support Shop Tech (Mechanical) - FTT (12 months)2018/08/02 Open until filled
BCRTC Vehicle Technician2018/06/22 Open until filled
BCRTC AIO Supervisor - FTT (8 months)2018/06/20 Open until filled
BCRTC President - General Manager2018/05/16 Open until filled
WCE Logo

West Coast Express (WCE) has been serving the Lower Mainland since 1995 and provides more than 2.8 million trips per year. Every weekday more than 11,000 customers get on/off WCE at one of eight stations going to/from downtown Vancouver and Mission.

There are currently no job opportunities with WCE.

Transit Police Badge Logo

Transit Police is an equal opportunity employer.

We're a multi-jurisdictional police service working alongside all our policing partners to ensure a safe and secure transit system for everyone. We work to reassure the communities and citizens we serve that their safety is our priority and offer recruit, exempt and civilian career opportunities.

Being a member of the Transit Police gives you a chance to grow and experience different types of policing services: foot patrol, plain clothes unit, mountain bike patrols, working as part of an integrated law enforcement team and much more. We offer an exciting and unique style of policing on and around Metro Vancouver's transit system.

No other police service walks the beat like we do.

Recruit Police Officer Opportunities


You'll be trained at the Justice Institute of BC, as you would for any other BC municipal police force. Once in the field, you'll be challenged to represent the organization with exceptional results.

In order for us to consider your application, you must be able to meet our basic qualifications, and we look for applicants who posses our preferred skills.

How to Apply

To learn more about becoming a Transit Police Officer and the application process, visit the Recruit Police Officers page on

Questions? Email us at

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Exempt Police Officer Opportunities

Are you a member of, or recently retired from, a recognized police service in Canada? Are you interested in a career change but want to stay in policing? Then you owe it to yourself to explore the career opportunities that Transit Police can offer you!

You'll get excellent pay and benefits, and won't be disappointed.

How to Apply

To learn more about a career as a Transit Police Officer and the application process, visit the Experienced Police Officers page on

Questions? Email us at

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Civilian Opportunities

We're looking for talented and driven people to fill the diverse and challenging civilian positions in our growing police service. Civilian opportunities include positions in IT, human resources, communications, administrative and managerial roles and more.

Job TitlePosted DateClosing Date
TSML - Communications Advisor2018/11/292019/01/19

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