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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

Why is EDI Important at TransLink?

It simply makes us better. It’s everyone’s responsibility at TransLink to ensure that employees can show up as themselves at work and in the community.

In 2021, the TransLink board adopted an enterprise-wide EDI framework developed by the EDI program lead and the EDI taskforce. The EDI taskforce is a group of employees from across the enterprise who advise on the workplans. TransLink is on a journey to integrate EDI into our everyday operations and make it easier for everyone to access the opportunities they need to thrive. EDI is also a key theme identified in our Transport 2050 Regional Transportation Strategy.

In 2019 the TransLink head office went through the Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility certification. Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™ (RHFAC) is a unique, LEED-style rating system that evaluates the level of meaningful access of buildings and sites, and recognizes an organization’s commitment to accessibility through certification.

In addition, our CEO Kevin Quinn is a member of the Presidents Group, a network of change-driven BC business leaders who are champions for more accessible, inclusive workplaces.

Logo for Member of Presidents Group

The Presidents Group is engaging with employers and business owners around the province to improve employment outcomes for people with disabilities in BC.

We have employee resource groups that are focused on employee engagement and retention, career development and business impact. Check out our inclusion video on why it matters: Inclusion at TransLink (with Described Video).

Our EDI Guiding Principles

  • We want to create a workplace where you can be your best self 

  • We care, we listen, and we act 

  • We reflect and serve the communities we live in 

  • We are committed to supporting reconciliation in the work we do

  • When we get it wrong, we will own it and do better 

  • Together, we will strive to remove barriers

  • Equity, diversity and inclusion is part of everything we do 

What are we focused on over the next few years?

We are focusing on these areas: HR processes, education, leadership commitment and measurement. There are specific initiatives focused on increased gender representation as well as accessibility.  Through these efforts, TransLink will become a better reflection of the region we live in. Everyone will see that TransLink is a place where all people are valued for their work and who they are.  

How do we measure progress?

We measure our progress against the metrics outlined in our internal workplan, internal inclusion survey and the Global Diversity Inclusion and Equity Benchmarks.