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Rail Projects

A SkyTrain leaving a station

Our expansive rail network moves our customers to key transit hubs in the region. There are several infrastructure and fleet projects underway to improve the quality of our SkyTrain and West Coast Express services.

Many of these projects support the vision and requirements of our three main transit expansion plans: Transport 2050, the 10-Year Investment Plan, and Area Transit Plans.

Rail projects include:

  • Escalator replacement to enhance the accessibility at our SkyTrain and West Coast Express stations.

  • Running rail and rail pad replacement to improve safety and comfort of our service.

  • Fleet improvements and expansion, including the addition of 259 new cars.

  • Operations and maintenance centre upgrades.

These investments we are making help keep the network in a state of good repair and improve the customer experience.

Burrard Escalator Replacement Project

From October 2022 until early 2024, we will be working to replace the five aging escalators at Burrard SkyTrain Station with new, heavier-duty models to ensure their safe and reliable operation for years to come. These modern transit-grade escalators are much more durable and feature:

  • smoother operation and braking for passenger safety

  • LED step lighting for better visibility in dimly lit areas

  • a variable speed option for power savings

  • improved accessibility for maintenance, to minimize down time and keep passengers moving

Did you know?
These are the oldest escalators on the SkyTrain system and the last original Expo Line escalators to be replaced.

Expo Line traffic has increased exponentially since these escalators began operating more than 35 years ago. Their replacement is critical to ensure growing passenger volumes are supported today and well into the future.

Construction Information:

Burrard Station will continue to operate normally throughout construction; however, passengers can expect more congestion within the station than usual.

  • Signage and SkyTrain Attendants will help direct passengers during any in-station detours, as required.

  • Access to Royal Centre and Bentall Centre will not be affected by construction.

  • Elevator access on all levels will not be affected by construction.

Thank you for your patience while we work to improve your transit experience.

The previously announced upgrades that would have closed the station for two years were rescoped. We assessed that that replacing the current escalators with new models is a necessary near-term improvement to continue effectively serving customers. For more information, please view the SkyTrain Station Upgrades section below.

Expo Line Rail and Rail Pad Replacement

We're replacing aging SkyTrain tracks on Expo Line, including rail and rail pads, to help ensure a smoother and quieter ride for our customers. Much of this track is more than 30 years old and has carried more than 2 million trains since 1986.


We're replacing rail and rail pads throughout our system one segment at a time to prevent future need for fixes that can cause unexpected disruption to neighbours and customers.

Main Street–Science World to Commercial–Broadway Station

Estimated Timeline: March 2021 through the end of 2022
While the majority of work in this area will be complete in winter 2021/22, crews will need to return intermittently throughout the year for finishing touches.

Overview: We’re replacing the portion of track between Main Street-Science World and Commercial–Broadway stations, including 6,700 metres of rail and 14,100 rail pads.

Know before you go! This work will require single tracking and changes to regular operating patterns. For up-to-date information visit our Alerts page.

Commercial–Broadway to Nanaimo Station

Estimated Timeline: December 2021 through summer/fall 2023

Overview: We’re replacing the portion of track between Commercial–Broadway and Nanaimo stations, including 7,300 metres of rail and over 10,400 rail pads.

Know before you go! This work will require single tracking and changes to regular operating patterns. For up-to-date information visit our Alerts page.

Completed Projects

Waterfront to Stadium-Chinatown Station

From December 2018 to spring 2019, we replaced 4,900 metres of rail and 8,400 rail pads on the tracks between Waterfront and Stadium–Chinatown stations, including inside Dunsmuir Tunnel which had one of the worst sections of rail pad corrosion across our system.

Stadium-Chinatown to Main Street-Science World

Between spring 2019 and spring 2020, we replaced about 1,800 metres of rail and 4,000 rail pads between Stadium-Chinatown and Main Street-Science World stations.

22nd Street to New Westminster Station

Between December 2019 and March 2021, we replaced the portion of track between 22nd Street and New Westminster Stations, including 9,800 metres of running rail and 17,000 rail pads.

SkyTrain Propulsion Power Upgrades

Estimated time: Summer 2023 to Spring 2026

TransLink is working to enhance the SkyTrain network to run more trains and carry more passengers across Metro Vancouver in the coming years. Currently, SkyTrain has a network of propulsion power substations throughout the system to supply electrical power to run trains on the SkyTrain lines. However, as we expand our fleet with longer trains and increase service levels, more substations are required to maintain a safe and reliable SkyTrain service.

The Propulsion Power Upgrades project will upgrade and expand SkyTrain’s existing propulsion power system by adding new power substations along the Expo and Millennium lines. New substation locations were selected based on a study that determined locations that can provide the most benefit to the SkyTrain network. The project starts in Vancouver at VCC Clark in June 2023, followed by substations in Burnaby at Sperling, with Moody Center substation starting in 2024.

What changes are coming
  • From 2023 to 2026, add eight propulsion power substations (three in Vancouver, two in Burnaby, one in Surrey, one in Coquitlam, and one in Port Moody)

  • From 2023 to 2024, replace or add transformer rectifier units at existing substations

During the substation construction, there are no changes to SkyTrain service levels or station access. There will be some construction noise during these days. Thank you to our customers and the community for your patience as we complete improvements to the SkyTrain network for a better, safer transit experience.

Port Moody

Estimated Timeline: August 2024 to May 2025

The new propulsion power substation at Port Moody will be located adjacent to the SkyTrain line on the north side of Clarke St just west of Moody Street overpass.

The work will include construction of a building to house the substation, installation of the substation electrical equipment, connection to BC Hydro’s network, and hard and soft landscaping.

Construction work will be done during the day primarily, and within the work window permitted by Municipal Bylaws. During the construction phase, there will be no changes to SkyTrain service levels or station access. Once the new substation goes into service, trains will be able to run more frequently.


If you have any questions about the project, please email

SkyTrain Roof Replacement Project

As part of the TransLink Maintenance and Upgrade Program, we’re continuing to partially and fully replace the roofs at several SkyTrain stations and other buildings on the system to protect customers and SkyTrain facilities. Many of the buildings along our SkyTrain network are aging and require ongoing maintenance. This work will help ensure that we continue to meet the needs of our customers now and in the future.

Columbia Station

The roof replacement work at Columbia Station is now complete! We thank our customers and neighbours for their patience.

Production Way–University Station

Estimated Timeline: Nov. 2021 to summer 2022

Overview: As part of TransLink’s Maintenance and Upgrade Program, we’re working to fully replace the roof at Production Way–University Station. As with other roof replacement work, the majority of construction will take place during the day with some overnight work, as required. Customers may notice construction material in the bus loop, but all access will remain as normal and service will not be impacted.

Thanks to our customers and neighbours for their patience as we complete this necessary work.

Stadium–Chinatown Station

Estimated Timeline: March 2022 to late fall 2022

Overview: As part of TransLink’s Maintenance and Upgrade Program, we’re replacing the four skylights at Stadium–Chinatown Station with newer, more cost-effective skylights. Most of the work will take place during the daytime with some overnight work, as required. SkyTrain service will not be impacted and station access will be maintained throughout the construction period.

Thanks to our customers and neighbours for their patience as we complete this necessary work.

Surrey Central Station

Estimated Timeline: Dec. 2021 to fall 2022

Overview: As part of TransLink’s Maintenance and Upgrade Program, we’re working to partially replace the roof at Surrey Central Station. As with other roof replacement work, the majority of construction will take place during the day with the possibility of some overnight work, as required. Customers may notice construction material in the area, but all access will remain as normal and service will not be impacted.

We thank our customers and neighbours for their patience as we complete this necessary work.

Surrey Expo Line Track Maintenance

Expo Line track maintenance in Surrey completes ahead of schedule

UPDATE (July 22, 2023): Regular service has now resumed on the Expo Line. SkyTrain track maintenance that commenced on June 17 finished this morning, nine days ahead of schedule.

From June 17 to July 31 (45 days), we are undertaking essential maintenance work to replace two SkyTrain track switches located near Gateway Station on the Expo Line in Surrey. This work is critical to keeping SkyTrain maintained and ensuring the system remains reliable.

Track switches are essential components which allow trains to be routed to different tracks, and these two switches are being replaced for the first time since they were installed over thirty years ago.

During this maintenance work, trains will only be able to travel on one side of the tracks between Scott Road and King George stations, which will slow service and reduce the number of trains which can travel through the area.

Trains travelling toward Surrey will terminate at either Scott Road, Surrey Central, Gateway, or King George stations. Usually, these trains would all terminate at King George Station. Given station screens only display the next three destinations, customers may have to wait before a train to King George or Production Way-University is shown.

Surrey customers are encouraged to use Scott Road Station, when possible, as it will have the most frequent SkyTrain service in the area.

Other stations will have fewer trains serving customers:

  • King George Station (33% of usual peak service)
  • Surrey Central Station (50% of usual peak service)
  • Gateway Station (66% of usual peak service)

During this time, customers should:

  • Build in at least 20 minutes of extra travel time and be prepared for crowding on trains and platforms during peak periods.
  • Check platform screens to ensure they are boarding the correct train for their destination as Expo Line service patterns will be adjusted.

Additional SkyTrain staff are being deployed to assist customers during the maintenance work.

This track maintenance work does not affect Expo Line customers who are not travelling to or from Surrey. The Canada Line and Millennium Line will be unaffected during this work.

We appreciate your patience while these necessary upgrades are completed.

For more information, customers and neighbours can call:

Customer Information | 604.953.3333

  • 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., seven days per week.

We also encourage you to sign up for Transit Alerts if you’d like to be notified by text message (SMS) and/or email about disruptions, updates, or changes to SkyTrain or other transit services you take.

SkyTrain Customer Communications Upgrades

TransLink’s SkyTrain Customer Communications Upgrades Project is now complete, improving customers’ in-station experience by providing relevant, timely, and clear transit service information. We know that customers expect to see and hear important information when they need it most. The completion of this project delivers on our commitment to upgrade our in-station systems to provide real-time information across the transit system, as part of our Customer Experience Action Plan.

Across Expo and Millennium Line, we’ve installed:

  • Approximately 280 new information displays, including ‘next train’ signs and general information screens on SkyTrain platforms, and new information screens at station entrances.

  • More than 1,400 new speakers to replace end-of-life units and expand to new areas of the station. We’ve also upgraded some of the more recently installed speakers along Expo Line.

  • More than 1,200 CCTV cameras in stations, replacing aging units and adding more to improve coverage.

New, real-time information throughout the station make it easier for customers to make decisions about their transit trip by keeping them informed of up-to-the-minute service information, including system-wide alerts.

The improved quality of in-station announcements make it easier for customers to get relevant service information, particularly during service disruptions. Better CCTV systems improve the safety of customers and employees within the station and are a valuable resource for Transit Police investigations.


This $79 million program is part of a larger $92.4 million Rapid Transit Systems Rehabilitation and Maintenance Project paid for under the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF), which is funded by the Government of Canada (50 per cent), the Government of British Columbia (33%), and TransLink (17%).

Did you know?

TransLink has installed more than 50 digital touch screen kiosks throughout the transit system as part of the Digital Customer Kiosk Program, a separate project in partnership with Lamar Advertising Company.

These kiosks provide customers the ability to plan their journeys on-site with all transit modes, using real-time transit information. This is another way TransLink has made taking transit an easier, more attractive option for the region.

Location Map of Digital Touch Screen Kiosks across the TransLink network

View the full Digital Touch Screen Kiosks map

SkyTrain Noise Study

In response to noise concerns from residents along the Expo and Millennium lines, TransLink conducted a multi-step SkyTrain Noise Study in 2018.

The study recommended that we investigate the feasibility and effectiveness of six noise mitigation measures. These investigations were divided into two phases. Both phases have now been completed. You can find more details in the summary report and technical report.

This work is more important now than ever before as Metro Vancouver continues to grow and more people choose to live near rapid transit lines. The results of the study will help us identify noise-reduction measures for our system and inform future designs and investments.


The 2018 assessment report is complete. We have also completed a two-phased study to investigate all the mitigation measures outlined in the initial assessment report.

Learn more in the reports below:

Next Steps

Some noise mitigation measures are already being implemented.

We are implementing harder rail with 3km of track that will be replaced annually under the program. The benefits of the harder rail are that corrugation doesn't develop as quickly, meaning noise mitigation is more manageable.

The installation of rail dampers has been approved and funded, and install will begin in Spring of 2022. Rail dampers will be installed on 3.2km on the Expo Line. More information on why this section was chosen can be found in the Phase Two report.

TransLink will assess and work to get approval and funding for the other measures outlined in the report.

In most locations, you will not hear a sudden reduction in noise. These noise mitigation measures aim to make train noise levels more stable and consistent, so that there are no longer times when the noise level is noticeably worse than others.

For more information, please email

SkyTrain Station Upgrades

Brentwood Town Centre Station

Rendering of new Brentwood Town Centre Station

Construction Information

The station upgrade began with work at the south station entrance in June 2022. As a result, the south entrance to the SkyTrain station remains closed, and will reopen in fall 2023. All customers must access the SkyTrain via the north stationhouse, which is closest to the Amazing Brentwood Mall. Customers on the south side of Lougheed Highway must cross Lougheed at Willingdon Avenue or Alpha Avenue to access the north stationhouse. Directional signage is in place to assist customers.

We anticipate the full upgrade of the station will take approximately two years to complete. SkyTrain and bus services will be maintained at Brentwood Town Centre Station throughout the construction period, although some bus stops may be temporarily relocated.

Temporary Bus Stop Relocations
As of June 2022, due to the closure of the south entrance of the SkyTrain station, buses located along Lougheed Highway were temporarily relocated as follows:

  • Bay 4 serving route 123, and Bay 5 serving routes 25 and the N9 were relocated from Lougheed Highway just east of Willingdon (in front of the Carter car dealership) to Lougheed Highway west of Willingdon, between Willingdon and Rosser Avenue (near the Shoppers Drug Mart and Whole Foods).
  • Buses using Bay 3 on Lougheed Highway were not impacted and we expect they will remain unaffected throughout construction (this stop is east of Alpha Avenue).

View the temporary bus stop relocations for Brentwood Town Centre Station.

Customers should plan for approximately 10 extra minutes of travel time if transferring to or from the bus.

Road impacts
To enable excavation and expansion work of Brentwood Town Centre Station over Lougheed Highway, the contractor must temporarily occupy some of the traffic lanes on Lougheed Highway between Alpha Avenue and Willingdon Avenue.

At present, there are two traffic lanes open in each direction. From July 2023 until spring 2024

  • Westbound: One of four lanes will be open for traffic until October 2023, after which two lanes will stay open until the project is completed.
  • Eastbound: One of two lanes will stay open for traffic

For the safety of road users and the workers, the temporary lane closures are necessary.

Thank you to our customers and the public for your patience during the construction.

About the Project

As part of TransLink’s Maintenance and Upgrade Program, Brentwood Town Centre Station is undergoing substantial upgrades to improve accessibility for all customers, upgrade the amenities, and provide a better customer experience by allowing more customers to move comfortably throughout the station.

In 2019 (pre-COVID), the station served close to 1.8 million passengers. With the ongoing development in the Brentwood area, the upgrades will ensure we continue to provide efficient, reliable service to our customers well into the future.

The upgrades to Brentwood Town Centre Station are included in TransLink’s Phase One Investment Plan and are funded by TransLink and the Government of Canada through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program.

Project Overview

The upgrades include:

  • Enhancing access into and within the station with a new elevator from the ground level to the mezzanine level on the south side of Lougheed Highway;
  • Replacing the existing staircases with new glass enclosed staircase to provide better protection and comfort for customers as well as a more pleasing aesthetic look.
  • Two new escalators from the mezzanine to platform level and an expanded mezzanine level (by approximately 560 square metres) to allow customers to move comfortably through the station;
  • Doubling the fare gates on the mezzanine level from three to six to improve customer access;
  • Station technology and safety enhancements such as lighting upgrades, refurbishing station finishes, additional real-time passenger information displays, and CCTV camera and PA system expansion to cover the footprint of the larger station; and
  • A new public art piece featuring glass artwork on the mezzanine level.


If you have any questions about the project, please email

Burrard Station

About the Project

As part of the TransLink Maintenance and Upgrade Program, we had planned several upgrades to Burrard SkyTrain Station. Due to high construction bid prices during the procurement process, we paused those upgrades. Since then, we’ve reassessed what needs to be done in the near term to continue to effectively serve our customers.

We will be upgrading the five escalators at Burrard Station to improve the customer experience and maintain a state of good repair. The escalators have been in service for more than 35 years, and since their installation, Expo Line usage has dramatically increased. These upgrades will ensure we can keep our customers moving reliably for years to come.

Next steps

Additional previously planned upgrades at Burrard Station are on pause and will be considered for implementation in the coming years.


If you have any questions about the project, please email

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