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Maintenance and Upgrade Program

New art installation on the roof of a SkyTrain station

Keep Improving – Keep Moving.

We know that our system’s success is built on maintaining the old and investing in the new. That’s why we’ve outlined our past, present, and future projects in TransLink’s Maintenance and Upgrade Program.

TransLink’s Maintenance and Upgrade Program is making investments in aging infrastructure across the system to keep customers safe, comfortable, and moving across a reliable transit network every day.

There are currently 70 active maintenance and upgrade projects throughout the transit system; this is an investment of about $200 million. Nearly $250 million in future investments are also planned as part of this integrated long-term initiative.

Bus Projects

Various infrastructure and fleet projects are underway to support and improve our bus network.

Rail Projects

Projects are underway to improve frequency and quality of SkyTrain and West Coast Express.

Bridge Projects

TransLink owns and maintains five bridges in the Metro Vancouver region.

SeaBus Projects

SeaBus fleet and infrastructure projects are underway improving quality of our service.

Cycling Projects

Improvements to support Metro Vancouver’s vision to make cycling in the region accessible for everyone.

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