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Cycling Projects

A woman biking towards a SkyTrain station

Infrastructure improvements to support cyclists throughout the region are currently underway. We work with our municipal stakeholders to maintain and improve regional cycling routes like BC Parkway and Central Valley Greenway, to keep them safe and reliable for all users. That’s more than 50 kilometres of pathway combined! We also make it easier for customers to combine cycling with their transit trip by providing a variety of bike parking options throughout the transit network, including Canada’s largest transit-integrated network of Bike Parkades.

These ongoing improvements support Metro Vancouver’s vision to make cycling in the region accessible for everyone, as set out in our Regional Cycling Strategy.

BC Parkway Upgrade Program

A woman biking down a parkway

As part of TransLink’s ongoing investment in cycling infrastructure throughout the region, we’re making safety and accessibility improvements to BC Parkway.

BC Parkway is a 26-kilometre, multi-use path that follows SkyTrain’s Expo Line, connecting Surrey City Centre, New Westminster, South Burnaby and Vancouver. The route offers a one-path ride through four municipalities for commuters and endless opportunities to explore vibrant neighbourhoods and parks. The Parkway was originally constructed more than 30 years ago, when bike paths were an up-and-coming concept and there were few established requirements for path design.

Since 2014, TransLink has been making ongoing improvements to the aging Parkway, including path rehabilitation and widening where possible, retaining wall upgrades, and accessibility upgrades to make BC Parkway safer and more enjoyable for all users – daily commuters and fun-seekers alike!

Investing to maintain the safety and reliability of BC Parkway is a key part of our goal to make cycling an easier choice for transportation and exploring for more people throughout the region.

Stewardson Way Upgrades

A truck drives along Stewardson Way as the SkyTrain cruises on the overpass above

Project Overview

As part of TransLink’s commitment to improving walking and cycling infrastructure across Metro Vancouver, we will be working to upgrade a portion of the BC Parkway in New Westminster beginning in February 2024. The upgrades will include significant safety, accessibility, and capacity improvements to a section of the Parkway that runs along Stewardson Way, between River Drive and 14th Street.

With increased usage of the BC Parkway over recent years, this portion of the Parkway has been identified as a candidate for upgrades due to its narrow width and proximity to Stewardson Way. TransLink has been working collaboratively with Southern Railway (SRY), BC Hydro, and the City of New Westminster to upgrade this portion of the Parkway.

Construction Information

Construction map of the BC Parkway Stewardson Way

Construction work is expected to be completed as soon as late 2024, depending on weather conditions. Work will take place Monday to Friday, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.; some overnight and weekend work may also occur as required.

The BC Parkway Stewardson Way Upgrades project includes the following improvements:

  • Installation of new retaining walls along the BC Parkway from River Drive to 5th Avenue and from 5th Avenue to 14th Street,

  • Construction of a new and widened multi-use path and pathway lighting,

  • Installation of concrete curbs, gutter, and a sidewalk,

  • Improved lighting and street level visibility,

  • Replacement of the traffic signal at the 5th Avenue intersection, and

  • Repaving the intersections of Stewardson Way and River Drive, Stewardson Way and 5th Avenue, and Stewardson Way and 14th Street.

TransLink will make every effort to mitigate impacts to BC Parkway users and neighbours during construction. Thank you for your patience as we complete this important work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing this work now?

TransLink is committed to improving walking and cycling infrastructure across the region, and we address areas of need in priority order as funding and resources allow. TransLink has performed reactive maintenance throughout the years to ensure the Parkway remains safe for users. We understand improvements are necessary along the Stewardson Way portion of the BC Parkway, we are well positioned to begin making these improvements now. Additionally, with strong teamwork with SRY and BC Hydro we have been able to secure additional land for the new and improved parkway. 

Is this a TransLink project, or is the City of New Westminster involved as well?

This is a collaborative project between the City of New Westminster and TransLink. TransLink’s role is to lead the project by managing the design and construction phases. The City of New Westminster has provided funding contributions for safety improvements at the Stewardson Way and 5th Avenue intersection.

Does TransLink own this portion of the BC Parkway?

Most of this portion of the Parkway is owned by BC Hydro, with whom TransLink has a pre-existing agreement to maintain and operate. TransLink has acquired right of way from Southern Railway (SRY) for the remaining portion of the Parkway.

Will the Parkway be closed entirely during construction?

We will make every effort to keep the existing pathway open for users while construction takes place, however, there may be some instances when the pathway may be closed for short periods of time to ensure everyone’s safety. Detour routes will be communicated to Parkway users.

Will construction affect vehicle traffic on Stewardson Way?

During construction, there may be temporary lane closures along Stewardson Way and temporary road closures along River Drive and 14th Street. Detour routes will be communicated to residents and businesses in the area.

Will the pathway have a clear divide between cyclists and pedestrians?

Yes, as part of the overall improvements to user safety and accessibility, these upgrades will create clear divides between cyclists, pedestrians, and vehicle traffic with either physical or visual barriers as appropriate.

Previous Upgrades

2021 BC Parkway Upgrades

In 2021, we made improvements to BC Parkway at several locations throughout Burnaby, New Westminster, and Vancouver.

Upgrades included:

  • The replacement of aging path, curbs, and retaining walls to maintain the safety of BC Parkway for all users.

  • The addition of wheelchair ramps at two locations in Vancouver to improve accessibility.


  • Burnaby

    • Along Central Boulevard from Patterson Station to Willingdon Avenue

  • New Westminster

    • South of Grimston Park, along lane east of 20th Street

  • Vancouver

    • South end of Gladstone Street

    • East of Nanaimo Station in the lane north of E 26 Avenue

    • The lane between Rupert Street and Manor Street