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Customer Satisfaction

At TransLink, we've made customer experience one of our top enterprise-wide priorities. We have an ongoing program to gauge customer satisfaction, which shapes how we plan and operate our services. Find more information in our Customer Service Performance section.

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    Customer Satisfaction Trends

    Customer Satisfaction by Service Type

    Customer Complaints

    *In Dec. 2020, TransLink was the victim of a cyberattack. Immediate action and protective measures were taken by TransLink including the shut down of multiple systems. As a result, due to the unavailability of certain applications, TransLink was not able to capture full complaints data from Dec. 1, 2020 to Aug. 18, 2021. Commencing June 2021, complaints data was partially restored, with information primarily collected from telephone calls to Customer Information Services. Full data collection capabilities were not available until August 19th, when the online feedback form was restored. Accordingly, Sept. 2021 is considered the first month of complete complaints information for comparability purposes.

    HandyDART Customer Complaints