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Transit Maps

A man and woman pointing at a map at a bus exchange

Check out our transit system maps to see the network of buses, SkyTrain, SeaBus, and West Coast Express in Metro Vancouver.

Interactive System Map

We've released an interactive system map to offer customers an online alternative to our traditional transit system PDF maps.

Transit System Maps

Effective Jan. 1, 2024

Fast and Frequent Travel
The Fast and Frequent Travel map summarizes forms of transit available with limited stops and high frequency across the region.

Frequent Transit Network of Metro Vancouver
The Frequent Transit Network is a network of corridors that have transit service every 15 minutes or better across the region.

Key Regional Transit Connections
See how transit connects the region into one integrated network.

For additional information about our SeaBus service, see our SeaBus Schedules and Maps page.

West Coast Express
For additional information about our West Coast Express (WCE) service, visit our WCE Schedules and Maps page.

For additional information about our NightBus service, see the NightBus Schedules and Maps page.

SkyTrain Station Entrance Maps

SkyTrain Station entrance maps for the Expo, Millennium and Canada Lines are available on the SkyTrain Schedules page.

Transit Maps by Region

Effective January 1, 2024

Bus Exchange Maps

Transferring buses at bus exchange loops might involve a short walk between two nearby bus bays.

Familiarize yourself with the bus loops on your trip by looking through our bus exchange maps below, organized by region.

If you’re transferring from bus to SkyTrain, see our SkyTrain Schedules and Maps page. If you’re transferring from bus to West Coast Express (WCE), review the WCE Station Maps to prepare for your trip.