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Interactive System Map

We've recently launched this interactive system map to offer customers an alternative to our traditional PDF maps. This map contains official TransLink data for the following:

  • Bus stops

  • Bus routes

  • SkyTrain lines

  • SkyTrain stations

  • SeaBus terminals

  • West Coast Express line

  • West Coast Express stations

  • Bus depots

  • Bike parkades

View the map in fullscreen (opens a new tab)

Screen capture of the new interactive system map in ArcGIS

Open the Map


  • Zoom: Try zooming in and out to see additional layers on the map. More layers will become visible the further you zoom-in, such as bus stops.

  • Layers: Only want to see SkyTrain lines? Then disable the other layers via the "Layers" panel in the left-rail menu.

  • Legend: Unsure of what you're looking at? Please see the "Legend" also located in the left-rail menu.

  • Search: You can search for destinations in the search box in the top-right corner. Enter any location, such as "YVR", to see all transit options near the Vancouver International Airport.

  • Details: Select a bus stop, depot, or SkyTrain station to see a details pop-up which contains information such as connections, launch dates, lat/long and more.


What do you think about this map? Please share your thoughts via the survey link below.

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