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SkyTrain Expansion Program

SkyTrain Expansion Service Impacts

Significant service pattern changes along the Expo Line affecting Production Way-University, Lougheed Centre, Braid and Sapperton stations are now in effect until late 2025.

Metro Vancouver is growing, and so is the SkyTrain network! TransLink is making major investments in the coming years to get the SkyTrain system ready for more customers in more neighbourhoods. There will be new trains coming soon, with room for more passengers, bikes, and mobility devices. SkyTrain maintenance facilities, stations, control centre, and system infrastructure will also be upgraded to handle an expanded network and newer trains.

The SkyTrain Expansion Program is a series of infrastructure investments that will make our network ready for the addition of the province-built Broadway Subway Project (Millennium Line Extension) and the Surrey Langley SkyTrain (Expo Line Extension), and will keep our system safe, reliable, and comfortable for our current and future customers.

By 2029, we expect to be able to serve about 20% more customers on Expo Line, and 50% more on Millennium Line during the busiest times of the day.

SkyTrain Fleet Expansion

TransLink is adding more than 200 cars to our SkyTrain fleet on Expo and Millennium lines.

Infrastructure Upgrades

SkyTrain systems and control centres are being upgraded to service additional and longer trains.

Storage and Maintenance Facilities

Our maintenance and storage space is expanding to make room for the current and future SkyTrain fleet.

Impacts on SkyTrain Services

While we work to deliver a modern, reliable, safe, and comfortable transit service that meets our current and future needs, customers may experience temporary service changes and interruptions as we carry out construction activities throughout the SkyTrain network over the next several years. We will inform the community in advance of any changes to transit services or impacts to your neighbourhood.

From February 2024, for approximately 2 years, customers can expect major service pattern changes on the Expo Line when traveling from Columbia station toward Production Way-University station while we build a new SkyTrain maintenance facility in Coquitlam.

What to expect:

  • Expo Line service will now include trains that terminate at Braid Station.

  • During the day, Expo Line service to and from Lougheed Town Centre and Production Way-University will run every 12 minutes; currently they run every 6 minutes.

  • Trains going to Waterfront from Braid and Sapperton stations may arrive on either platform.

Customers should check train and platform announcements to ensure they are boarding the correct train for their destination.

Map detailing Service Impacts to Expo Line during Operations Maintenance Center construction


If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Information team at 604.953.3333, available daily from 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. We also encourage you to sign up for Transit Alerts if you’d like to be notified by text message (SMS) and/or email about disruptions, updates, or changes to SkyTrain or other transit services you take.


This program is funded through Phase 2 of our Investment Plan and includes funding from the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program with support from the Government of Canada, Government of British Columbia, and the Metro Vancouver region.