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Storage and Maintenance Facilities Projects

Aerial photoshoot of SkyTrain OMC

SkyTrain’s existing storage and maintenance facilities are at capacity and additional space is needed to schedule more maintenance activities and ensure trains are ready for service faster than before.

We are expanding and updating our current maintenance facilities near Edmonds Station in Burnaby with longer cleaning bays, more maintenance and office space, and inspection areas. These changes will be completed by summer 2024.

We are also building a new maintenance facility in Coquitlam near Braid Station which will be completed by 2027. We will require more space for SkyTrain fleet with the opening of the Surrey Langley SkyTrain (Expo Line Extension) and are in the planning stages for an additional maintenance facility to meet future needs.

Changes to Services

Starting Feb. 25, 2024, for approximately two years, there will be service pattern changes on Expo Line when traveling from Columbia toward Production Way-University Station.

The service changes are required while the track is closed, on one side at a time, between Braid station and Lougheed Town Centre station as part of constructing a new SkyTrain maintenance facility in Coquitlam. The facility is crucial to support future increases to service levels as well as the upcoming province-built Broadway Subway extension of Millennium Line, and the Surrey-Langley SkyTrain extension of Expo Line.

Customers should check train and platform announcements to ensure they are boarding the correct train for their destination.

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