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SkyTrain Fleet Expansion

Mark V train in testing

TransLink is adding over 200 new SkyTrain cars to the fleet as 41 new Mark V trains, thanks to funding approved for the  10-Year Vision for Metro Vancouver transportation. The Mark V trains will be arranged in a 5-car configuration, making them longer than current trains, and able to carry up to 25% more customers. This will allow us to serve more customers in more neighbourhoods and be ready for the province’s Broadway Subway and Surrey Langley SkyTrain extensions.

The first of the Mark V trains arrived at TransLink in Dec. 2023; the train will undergo rigorous site qualifications and commissioning testing until it is ready to enter service at the end of 2024. The rest of the trains will gradually be added to the fleet and enter service by 2028.

The Mark V trains will have walk-through carriages from end to end with more space and added amenities for people using mobility devices, strollers, and bicycles. These amenities and others are based on customer feedback received through an online survey and four public information sessions held from Jan. 14 to 25, 2019.

Potential Layout Improvements

  • Addition of perimeter (sideways) seating for the new SkyTrain cars.

  • Bike racks in flex areas for more convenient and comfortable storage.

  • Leaning rails for customers who prefer to rest without sitting down.

  • Flex areas to better serve customers with mobility devices, strollers, bicycles, and luggage.

To learn about the survey results, please see the SkyTrain Fleet Expansion Engagement Summary Report.