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West Coast Express Fares

West Coast Express (WCE) is a weekday commuter rail service that operates during peak morning and evening periods travelling between Downtown Vancouver and Mission.

Kids Can Ride for Free on Transit

As of Sept. 1, 2021, children aged 12 and under can ride TransLink services free of charge as part of a new provincial program.

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Planning to travel to and from YVR? Learn more about transferring across transit modes.

COMPASS FARE TYPE 3 Zones: Moody Centre, Coquitlam Central, Port Coquitlam 4 Zones: Pitt Meadows, Maple Meadows, Port Haney 5 Zones: Mission City 1-2 Zones: Travel within a single zone or between adjacent zones 3 Zones: 3 Zone travel across WCE (e.g., Mission City to Moody Centre)
Adult One-Way $7.65 $9.45 $12.80 $5.90 $7.65
Concession One Way $4.55 $5.85 $7.90 $3.55 $4.55
Adult Return Ticket $14.85 $18.15 $24.30 $11.25 $14.85
Concession Return Ticket $9.20 $11.50 $15.60 $7.15 $9.20
Adult $14.05 $17.40 $23.25 $11 $14.05
Concession $8.70 $11 $14.85 $6.90 $8.70
Adult $212.80 $256.75 $350.65 $162.40 $212.80
Concession $131.45 $161.90 $226.35 $99.25 $131.45
Adult One-Way $6.50 $7.95 $10.75 $5 $6.50
Concession One-Way $3.80 $4.90 $6.60 $2.95 $3.80


WCE Daily Parking: $3 WCE Monthly Parking: $60


WCE fares vary depending on how many zones you travel through. Customers can choose to pay for:

  • one-way travel with a Compass Ticket, with Stored Value on a Compass Card, or Tap to Pay

  • a Return Fare, for two-way travel on the same day with a Compass Ticket or pre-purchased on a Compass Card.

  • a Monthly Pass for unlimited travel within the calendar month, loaded onto a Compass Card

WCE services accept Compass Cards, Compass Tickets, contactless payment (debit & credit), Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Concession Fares

Some passengers are entitled to discounted fares or concessions. These eligible passengers include:

  • HandyCard holders

  • BC Bus Pass holders

  • seniors 65+

  • youth 14 to 18 years*

  • children 5 to 13 years

*Must carry valid photo ID proving age

CNIB pass holders who live in Metro Vancouver ride for free.

As of Sept. 1, 2021, children aged 12 and under can ride TransLink services free of charge. Learn more on the Fare Pricing and Zones page.

U-Pass BC West Coast Express Fares

U-Pass BC holders receive discounts on WCE services. Purchase a Monthly upgrade for WCE at a discounted price of $102.30 by calling 604.398.2042 , or at the Compass Customer Service Centre. Single ride discounts also available at the Compass Vending Maching (CVM).

Passes and Tickets

A West Coast Express Monthly Pass option offers unlimited travel for the calendar month for the number of zones purchased. Monthly Passes are loaded onto your Compass Card.

Your next month’s pass can be pre-purchased from the 20th of the preceding month. For example, a pass for September can be purchased from Aug. 20 onwards. You can buy a Monthly Pass for the current month until the 15th. Monthly passes are only good in the calendar month they are purchased for.

Single-ride fares can be purchased at a discount over cash with the Stored Value on your Compass Card.

Compass Tickets for the WCE can be purchased at Compass Vending Machines (CVMs). This option is best for customers who occasionally use WCE and don't have a Compass Card.

DayPasses are loaded on to your Compass Card and provide only a one-zone credit for WCE travel. Please ensure you have sufficient Stored Value on your Compass Card before starting your trip.

Return Tickets provide one days’ travel from the point you tap in until 4 a.m. the next day. For example, you can use other transit during the day or evening. Return Tickets are available at WCE Compass Vending Machines.

Return Passes are best for occasional WCE riders who make more than two trips per day. You can load up to three Return Passes on your Compass Card and use them at your convenience.

Purchasing Passes and Tickets

West Coast Express passes can be bought online, at a CVM at WCE stations, or in-person at the Compass Customer Service Centre. Tickets can only be bought at select CVMs. Details on where to purchase a ticket or pass can be found on the Where to Buy page.

Transferring to the West Coast Express

Once you tap into WCE, you have 120 minutes before your trip expires. You can transfer across WCE, bus, SeaBus, and SkyTrain on a single fare. Your travel time begins when you first tap your card or ticket to enter a transit area.

If you transfer onto WCE from other transit modes, you'll need to pay additional fare. If you're within the 90-minute transfer window, a 1-Zone fare will be deducted from your WCE fare when using:

  • Compass Card

  • Compass Ticket

  • Monthly Pass

  • DayPass

  • Contactless Credit Card (Tap to Pay)

For example, if you originally paid with Stored Value on bus and are transferring to WCE, your WCE fare would be discounted by the cost of a 1-Zone fare for this payment type.

Conventional Monthly Pass, DayPass, and Stored Value holders pay the West Coast Express AddFare when transferring onto WCE. Make sure you have enough Stored Value to cover the AddFare before you start travelling.

Contact us

Have any questions? Get in touch Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 604.398.2042.

Compass Customer Service Centre
Stadium–Chinatown Station
Unit 1 – 590 Beatty Street 
Vancouver BC, V6B 2L3

Stored Value

Using Stored Value on your Compass Card is just like adding cash to your card, so you can pay-as-you-go. Stored Value offers flexibility since you don’t need to specify a zone or zones in advance.

Adult Stored Value fare is a discounted rate over a cash fare.


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