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Downtown Vancouver

August, 2023: The Downtown Vancouver ATP is currently being updated as part of the Burrard Peninsula Area Transport planning process. Please see the Burrard Peninsula Area Transport Plan page for more information.

Completed in 2015, the Downtown Vancouver Local Bus Service Review outlines a shared, one-to-five-year vision for the downtown bus network. The review incorporates the goals and policies of the City of Vancouver’s Transportation 2040 plan and builds on TransLink’s Vancouver/UBC Area Transit Plan, focusing on downtown areas that have experienced substantial change in recent years.

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Downtown Vancouver is a dynamic and evolving area with a population that has more than doubled in the past 20 years. The design of the current transit network predates much of the growth in areas like Yaletown, Downtown South, and False Creek. The Downtown Bus Service Review identifies ways to improve customer travel in the downtown core.

The review provides a road map to achieving the network vision for the local bus network in downtown Vancouver. These priorities are financially viable options that meet the objectives of the review and result in improved transit connections, better reliability, and an aligned local downtown network that works with current land use patterns.

The proposed priorities and transit service levels are regularly reviewed to ensure transportation planning continues to be coordinated with land use and growing transit demand. We'll continue to provide more information on how we're progressing to meet the goals, objectives, and recommendations of the plan as we move forward.

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