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Research and Insights

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    TransLink undertakes a wide range of transportation-related research and analytics to better understand both our customers’ needs and experiences and the travel behaviours of the region as a whole. Through an ongoing data collection and analytics program, TransLink monitors and reports on the performance of the region’s transportation system. Together, all this data and information helps to inform TransLink’s decision-making processes, along with partner agencies and the public.

    Below are key transportation research studies that TransLink has conducted over the years, as well as an overview of TransLink Listens Insights Panel, a valuable source of public opinion.

    TransLink Listens Insights Panel

    Join the thousands of TransLink Listens Insights Panel members and provide your feedback on transportation in the region.

    Join the panel and help us improve transportation for the region. Registration is quick and easy.

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    • You choose what surveys to participate in.

    • Most surveys take 5 to 10 minutes of your time.

    • You'll receive the results from many of the surveys in which you take part.

    • Some of our surveys offer prize draws to those who participate.

    We'll carefully protect your personal information in accordance with applicable privacy legislation and your opinions will be held in complete confidence.

    In addition to online surveys, from time to time, we may invite you to participate in other types of marketing research activities and public consultation activities.

    These consultations are entirely voluntary and you may easily decline to participate.

    • SkyTrain Onboard Amenities: TransLink consulted with the TransLink Listens Insights Panel and the public on several layout changes being considered for future Expo and Millennium Line SkyTrain cars.

    • Transit Police: TransLink Listens Insights panelists were surveyed on the topic of safety and policing on the transit system. This information was included as part of the environmental scanning process, assisting the Transit Police Board and Executive Team in identifying common themes or focus areas to be included in their 2021-2025 Strategic Plan.

    • COVID-19: Conducted surveys on COVID-19 related topics to help inform planning and policy decision-making at TransLink.

    • Improving Service: Conducted surveys to gauge the level of customer effort surrounding various aspects of using transit in order to identify obstacles or unnecessary steps that could be mitigated or eliminated.

    Transportation Surveys

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