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RapidBus Projects

A complete side view of the R4 RapidBus

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    About RapidBus Projects

    Faster, more frequent, and reliable bus service is here! RapidBus is a bus service that improves customer experience via more widely spaced stops, all-door boarding, and extensive bus priority measures, such as queue jumps or bus lanes. It operates with high frequency, offering additional amenities at bus stops.

    During rush hours, RapidBus can accommodate up to 12,000 passengers per hour, equivalent to removing 34 ferries’ worth of single-occupancy cars from the roads. RapidBus routes run at least every 10 minutes during peak times and every 15 minutes during off-peak hours. You can rely on them every day from 6 a.m. to midnight.

    There are currently six RapidBus routes across the region:

    • R1 serves customers along the King George Boulevard corridor
    • R2 provides service along Marine Drive on the North Shore
    • R3 travels along Lougheed Highway
    • R4 runs along 41st Avenue
    • R5 serves customers along Hastings Street
    • R6 travels along the Scott Road corridor

    RapidBus Network Map

    With RapidBus, you can enjoy enhanced customer amenities such as better-sheltered stops, real-time information, and cushier seats! Where permitted, customers will also have accessibility features such as text-to-audio functionality of the digital bus arrival information and tactile pads.

    R2 Transit Priority Lane Upgrades

    The R2 RapidBus

    As part of TransLink’s commitment to improving bus speed and reliability across the region, we partnered with the City of North Vancouver to extend the eastbound transit lane on East 3rd street from Queensbury Avenue to Gladstone Avenue.

    With the extension of the transit lane, eastbound travel times will be slashed by up to 6 minutes during peak hours, providing a faster and more reliable transit experience for the 40,000 monthly riders on the route.

    R2 RapidBus service now provides a near-continuous dedicated eastbound bus lane from St. David’s Avenue to Phibbs Exchange. Other road users, including drivers and cyclists will also benefit from this extension, as this project reduces congestion throughout the route.

    R6 Scott Road RapidBus

    R6 RapidBus

    Say hello to faster and more frequent service on the Scott Road corridor!

    The R6 Scott Road RapidBus has launched, providing faster and more frequent bus service for Surrey and Delta residents. Customer travel time is now up to 10 minutes faster in each direction between Scott Road Station and Newton Exchange, due to bus speed and reliability improvements.

    Delivered jointly by TransLink, the City of Surrey, and the City of Delta, the R6 is TransLink’s largest service expansion since 2020 and will help keep up with the growing demand for transit south of the Fraser River.

    For more information, visit the R6 Scott Road RapidBus project page.

    Future RapidBus Plans

    As part of our 10-Year Priorities, we will work with local government partners to expand our RapidBus network and implement 11 new RapidBus lines featuring new transit priority measures. Through this expanded service, we will enhance the experience of current riders while increasing ridership in advance of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).

    BRT is fully traffic separated rapid transit that provides high-frequency, high-capacity service on high-demand corridors. With nine proposed corridors within 10-Year Priorities, people in the region will see an immediate benefit with fast, frequent, and reliable transit options.

    WiFi on RapidBus

    TransLink’s RapidBus riders can now enjoy free WIFI during their commutes. Customers will not only experience faster times on the RapidBus with fewer stops, but they’ll also enjoy the added benefit of not having to spend money on data fees.

    This is driven by our Customer Experience Action Plan, with the aim of elevating customer experience by making it easier for customers to use their transit time for leisure, work, or to connect with family and friends. Find ‘TransLinkWiFi’ on your mobile device and connect to the internet during your next transit commute.

    TransLink WiFi

    More information about the TransLink WiFi is available on the mobile services page.