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R6 Scott Road RapidBus

Say hello to the new R6 Scott Road RapidBus!

The R6 RapidBus service connects Scott Road SkyTrain Station with Newton Exchange, offering high-frequency, limited-stop bus service every 7.5 minutes during peak hours and 15 minutes during off-peak from 5 a.m. to 1 a.m. on weekdays and 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. on weekends.

RapidBus features sheltered stops, accessible loading areas, all-door boarding, real-time information, and accessibility features such as text-to-audio functionality of the digital bus arrival information and tactile pads.

Compared to the local service, the R6 RapidBus improves bus trips on the Scott Road corridor by up to 10 minutes in each direction. With 60-foot articulated buses, the R6 RapidBus provides more space for 20 per cent more riders on the busiest corridor south of the Fraser River.

Community art by three local artists have been installed throughout the corridor. This includes a mosaic at the median centre-island bus boarding area, as well as bus shelter art at the stops outside of Kwantlen Polytechnic University and at Scott Road and 72 Avenue.

Street changes have also been implemented to enhance safety. This includes adding new crosswalks, protected left turn lanes, signal improvements, and allowance for making U-turns at selected locations.

This $33 million investment was delivered jointly by TransLink, the City of Surrey, and the City of Delta. It is TransLink’s largest service expansion since 2020 and will meet the growing demand for transit south of the Fraser River, making the journey between Scott Road Station and Newton Exchange faster and more reliable.

R6 RapidBus Route and Stops

R6 Scott Road RapidBus Route Map

The route and stops were carefully selected to ensure they meet demand and provide convenient access to key destinations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Scott Road chosen for RapidBus service?

Scott Road is the busiest corridor south of the Fraser and the second fastest growing route in the region. The current 319 route is the 4th busiest bus route in Metro Vancouver (2021).

The R6 Scott Road RapidBus will help keep up with the rapidly growing demand for transit in Surrey and Delta, bringing more convenient and reliable service to the Scott Rd. corridor.

How does the R6 RapidBus differ from the existing local bus service along the Scott Road corridor? 

  • R6 passengers will enjoy faster, more frequent, and more reliable journeys on the Scott Rd corridor. Using high-capacity articulated buses and all-door boarding, R6 will carry more passengers, up to 1,200 people per hour per direction during rush hour.

  • RapidBus features better customer amenities such as more sheltered stops, real-time information, and cushier seats! Where permitted, customers will also have accessibility features, such as text-to-audio functionality of the digital bus-arrival information and tactile pads. 

How much did the project cost and how was it paid for?

The R6 RapidBus was identified as a key initiative in TransLink’s 2022-2031 10-Year Investment Plan. The $33 million capital improvements was paid for through the Mayor’s 10-Year Vision which the Government of British Columbia contributed 40 per cent of all capital costs.

Why are the real-time BPIDs not in place yet?

TransLink is currently experiencing supply chain challenges in acquiring the RapidBus poles. We anticipate that the installation and activation of the real-time BPIDs will be completed and operational by mid-2024. Temporary poles are in place in the interim.

The R6 RapidBus is already in service. Why is construction still happening on Scott Road and at the termini stations?

Major construction work was completed in 2023 to allow the line to become operational. However, a few minor items are still pending due to weather delays, unexpected underground utility conflicts, or delivery delays. Crews are working to finalize elements such as installation of detector loops at intersections, landscape restoration, and other minor works.

What changes will be made to the local bus service?

Route 319 will remain in place, at a reduced but still frequent all-day local service. Route 319 customers will benefit from the street changes we’re making and experience shorter travel times. The 12 other routes that run on a portion of the corridor will also benefit from bus priority measures.

How will the R6 RapidBus impact traffic on the Scott Road corridor? 

Two general-purpose lanes will be maintained in each direction. The bus priority measures will not significantly impact traffic for general-purpose vehicles. According to our traffic modeling, the Scott Road corridor meets the standards set by the City of Surrey and Delta. Depending on the time of day and which way you are going, your journey might be 1-2 minutes faster or slower. However, R6 passengers will save about 20% of their travel time throughout the day. 

Some property entrances will change, and a few left turns in the middle of the road will be closed. Drivers will still be able to make U-turns at certain intersections on Scott Road. There will be clear signs installed to indicate the change in traffic patterns. 

Are there any locations where the 319 stop and the R6 RapidBus are combined? 

Yes, the 319 and the R6 share stops at the following locations:

  • 72 & 124 EB & WB 

  • 72 & 132 EB & WB

  • 120 & 75A SB 

  • 120 & 80 SB 

  • 120 & 80 SB & NB

  • 120 & Nordel Way SB & NB

  • 120 & 103A SB & NB

How will the RapidBus connect with other bus routes?

The R6 RapidBus route will not enter Scottsdale exchange to ensure faster and more reliable travel times. Also, the R6 will not loop behind the mall or go around the bus loop and will therefore be able to provide a more direct service. Customers can still connect easily to other local routes at other shared stops on Scott Rd and 72nd Ave. See our winter service changes for more information on route details.

By stopping on-street instead of Scottsdale Exchange, RapidBus will provide convenient access to major destinations such as the Guru Nanak Gurdwara or the Scottsdale Centre mall as well as Strawberry Hill.

What kind of bus does the R6 RapidBus run on?

RapidBus vehicles are made by New Flyer. They are 60-ft long, hybrid diesel-electric buses with better fuel economy and lower GHG emissions than regular buses. All buses are air-conditioned.

Does TransLink have plans to bring RapidBus to other high-traffic routes in the region? 

In Transport 2050: 10-Year Priorities, we've identified 11 high-traffic corridors for RapidBus service. Over the next 10 years, we'll collaborate with local government partners to plan and implement 11 new RapidBus lines providing fast, frequent, and reliable service for our customers.