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2019-2025 Customer Experience Action Plan

A family walking on the street with transit in the background

Customer service and safety are very important to us, so please let us know how we can serve you better.

Our Customer Promise

To always put you first — your safety, your time, and your connection to the people and places that matter the most.

At TransLink, we've made customer experience one of our top enterprise-wide priorities. Providing Metro Vancouver with a high-quality customer service experience is at the heart of everything we do, and key to creating a more livable region.

From road to rail to marine, TransLink provides the region with a variety of transit and transportation services. Combined, our service area covers 1,800 square kilometres. We carry an average of more than 500,000 customers each day and currently employ more than 7,700 staff. Every day we strive to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Our customers aren't just one type of person. They're tremendously diverse, representing a broad cross-section of people from across Metro Vancouver. Our customers care about the quality of service we provide, including safety, reliability and convenience. And customers have told us that information is important: from real-time updates, to user-friendly digital platforms, and information displays throughout the system. Finally, we know we need to listen and learn from the people who make up our customers. This enables us to respond better to their needs, and to make our customers' experience the responsibility of every employee.

Customer needs By listening to our customers and reviewing industry best practice, we identified the following customer needs:
Ease of purchasing fare Make it easy to buy fares without long waits, knowing the right price has been charged.
Accessibility Give people the broadest range of travel choices by making every part of the transit system as accessible as possible, and easy to navigate for all customers.
Cleanliness Have a clean, well-maintained transit environment.
Comfort Create a smooth and comfortable journey, with lots of seating, plenty of personal space, comfortable temperatures, and shelter from elements.
Convenience Make the system convenient, with close proximity to stations/stops, good hours of operation, and easy transfers.
Customer service Have visible, approachable, and helpful staff who respond promptly and effectively to requests, issues, and feedback.
Information Ensure all communication is clear, relevant, and easy to understand, including real-time updates and service alerts.
Safety Create a feeling of safety and security, through maintenance, design, employee presence, and customer behaviour.
Timeliness Provide frequent and reliable service that stays on schedule, and has a reasonable journey time.

Two people walking up an escalator towards the SkyTrain platform

The 2019-2025 Customer Experience Action Plan includes both existing and ongoing initiatives, as well as new and potential initiatives that have emerged from customer feedback. Our Customer Experience Action Plan is built on three pillars (Services, Information, and People), each containing a series of initiatives supported by specific and tangible actions (Page 14 of Action Plan). In this way, we can measure, monitor and track our progress moving forward.

Deliver safe, reliable, and convenient services.

  • Expand the frequency, capacity, and reach of our service.

  • Make the customer journey seamless and convenient.

  • Invest in maintenance and repair to ensure service reliability.

  • Improve the in-person experience and the feeling of safety.

Read more about each initiative. 

Provide customers and employees with information that is accurate, timely, and accessible.

  • Deliver information that is “Real-Time, All the Time, Everywhere.”

  • Modernize our digital platforms with user-friendly design and content.

  • Improve visual and audio systems on transit.

  • Tie all of the stages of the journey together, even when the journey changes unexpectedly.

Read more about each initiative.

Promote a customer-centric culture, putting the customer at the heart of every decision.

  • Enhance the customer voice by listening more and learning more.

  • Enable the business to respond to customer needs — faster and more thoroughly than ever before.

  • Embed customer service standards across the enterprise.

  • Make Customer Experience the responsibility of every employee.

Read more about each initiative.


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