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Learn about the fare types, prices, and where to buy.

Pricing and Fare Zones

Learn how much a single trip costs, as well as all about fare zones, prices, and concession fares.

Compass Card

Learn more about fares and transit passes, concession fares, and available payment methods for Compass Card.

Transferring and AddFare

Understand how to transfer between services, when transfers are free, and when an extra charge (AddFare) applies.

West Coast Express Fares

Find out what fare types and passes are available for the West Coast Express (WCE), how to transfer to and from WCE trains, and more.

Where to Buy

Compass Cards and Tickets can be purchased at Compass Vending Machines (CVMs), select retailers throughout the region, and by phone.

U-Pass BC

A U-Pass BC gives students access to the bus, SeaBus, SkyTrain, and discounts on West Coast Express.

Fare Infraction

If you were caught in a Fare Paid Zone without proof of payment and received a fare infraction ticket, you can pay your ticket online, by mail, or in person.