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SkyTrain, SeaBus, and West Coast Express departure times are not real-time and are based on the scheduled departure time.

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Stop and Station Schedules

View all bus routes and train lines that service this selected stop or station.

For bus stops, click on ‘Route Schedule’ under the desired bus route to view all the times that a bus services this stop.

For train stations, click on 'Today's Line Schedule' under the desired train line to view all times a train stops at this station. 

How to view this stop or station on a map: select the “View stop on map” link at the bottom of the page to see your stop or station on a map

Information Widget

  • View stop on map: Select the “View stop on map” link to see your stop or station in map view.

  • Add to favourites: Select the “Add to favourites” link, choose a name, then save to add your selected stop or station to your list of favourites.

  • Manage my favourites: Select the “Manage my favourites” link to add, rename, or remove favourites from your list.

  • Manage settings: Select the “Manage settings” link to change your time display or schedule view preferences.

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