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Bus Operator Opportunities

Our bus operators are ambassadors to our cities. They take pride in getting their passengers to their destination safely and on time and enjoy great pay, benefits, and growth opportunities.

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    Your Career as a Bus Operator

    TransLink Bus Operator

    Conventional Bus Operators

    Conventional Bus Operators move over 800,000 passengers throughout Metro Vancouver every day. This full-time position guarantees 37.5 hours per week and offers competitive wages and benefits, opportunities for advancement, and paid training.

    Conventional Bus Operators must be available to work various shifts which is based on seniority:

    • Early straight shifts: May start as early as 4:30 a.m. and finish around noon

    • Mid runs: Start approximately mid-day and finish early in the evening

    • Owls: Start late in the evening and may finish in the early hours the following day

    • Split Shifts: Start in the morning for four hours, break, then four additional hours in the evening


    TransLink Bus Operator

    Community Shuttle Operators

    As a Community Shuttle Operator, you'll drive a smaller 24-passenger vehicle throughout the local communities of Metro Vancouver.

    This position is a fantastic opportunity for:

    • Individuals who enjoy working with the public

    • Those looking for flexible schedules

    • Students going to school and looking for a flexible well-paying job

    • People working part-time and wanting more hours

    • Retired individuals wanting to re-enter the workforce or supplement income

    Community Shuttle Operators start as casual and work on an as-needed basis. Once in the department, you may submit your intent to move into a part-time (20 to 30 hours per week) or full-time (minimum 35 hours per week) position.

    You may also request additional hours if you sign up to drive for vacationing, sick, or unavailable drivers. Community Shuttle Operator training is also paid training.

    Casual Community Shuttle Operators must adhere to the following requirements:

    • Must be available to work four shifts every pay period and two of those shifts should be on a weekday

    • They can choose from AM (start of service to 4:00 p.m.), PM (12:00 p.m. to end of service), or All Day

    Pay and Benefits

    Wages (rate of pay as per Unifor Local 111, effective: April 1, 2022):

    Experience Dollars per hour
    Trainee (30 days of training) $25.70
    1st 8 months $27.53
    2nd 8 months $29.37
    3rd 8 months $33.04
    Thereafter $36.71

    Benefits include:

    • Medical, dental, and vision benefits, with the option of family and domestic partner coverage

    • Paid vacation

    • Pension plan

    • Transit pass for you and up to two eligible family members (some restrictions apply)

    • Membership in Unifor Local 111

    • Paid training

    Wages paid bi-weekly (rate of pay as per Unifor Local 111, effective: April 1, 2022):

    Experience Dollars per hour
    Trainee (11 days training) $22.08
    1st 8 months $24.17
    2nd 8 months $27.19
    Thereafter $30.21

    Benefits include:

    • Flexible scheduling

    • Transit pass for you and up to two eligible family members (some restrictions apply)

    • Paid training

    • Membership in Unifor Local 111

    • When starting as a casual you are paid 14% above your hourly rate in lieu of benefits

    • If you choose to move into a part-time regular or full-time regular Community Shuttle position, you will start receiving similar benefits as Conventional drivers

    Requirements and Qualifications

    Required Qualifications

    To qualify for a Conventional Bus or Community Shuttle Operator position, you must:

    • Be a Canadian citizen or a Permanent Resident

    • Have the ability to understand, speak, read, and write English in order to learn the training materials, communicate effectively with customers, and write reports on incidents involving safety

    • Be willing to work various types of shifts

    • Be able to pass a medical examination

    • Be able to pass reference checks based on attendance and punctuality

    • Have basic computer and internet literacy in order to complete the mandatory traning component

    All employees and contractors will be required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and will need to provide proof of full vaccination status in compliance with the applicable COVID-19 Safety Vaccination Policy.

    TransLink, Coast Mountain Bus Company, BC Rapid Transit Company, West Coast Express, and Transit Police are taking this additional step to support public health, and to continue protecting the health and safety of our employees, customers, and their families.

    Transit has been a safe and reliable way to get around the region throughout the pandemic. From being the first transit agency to pilot copper for its antimicrobial properties, to bringing in the mask mandate, and a mobile vaccine bus, the TransLink Enterprise has been playing an active role in fighting this pandemic.

    Accommodations may be applicable under the BC Human Rights Code. Should an applicant for employment with any of the companies be unable to provide proof of full vaccination, additional information will be requested to confirm whether the individual is entitled to a search for accommodation.

    To apply for a Conventional Bus Operator position, you’ll need a Class 5 BC driver’s license or Canadian equivalent. You must also be able to obtain a minimum of a Class 2 BC commercial learner’s permit with the air brake endorsement unless you hold a valid Class 1 or a Class 2 license. You'll obtain a Class 2 BC commercial license with the air brake endorsement during training.

    To apply for a Community Shuttle Operator Trainee position, you’ll need a Class 5 BC driver’s license or Canadian equivalent. You must be able to obtain a minimum of an unrestricted Class 4 BC commercial learner's permit, unless you hold a valid Class 1, 2, or Class 4 license.

    You must demonstrate a safe driving history to qualify for any position that involves the operation of a company vehicle. Your driving record in Canada or out of country over the past five years will be reviewed as part of the application process.

    At the time of application, you must meet the following driving requirements:

    • No roadside suspensions or driving prohibitions in the past five years

    • No more than one violation (moving or non-moving) with a maximum of three points in the past three years

    • No more than one at-fault accident in the past three years

    • If you already have one violation, and/or one at-fault accident when you apply and you receive either an additional violation/at-fault accident or an outstanding violation/accident appears on your driving record during the recruitment process, your application will no longer be considered

    If you have held your BC license for less than five years and held a previous license from another province or country, you will be required to provide us with your driving records (driving abstract and insurance claims summary) to ensure you meet the minimum driving requirements.

    Applications are assessed to determine if applicants have demonstrated a safe and responsible driving and history, as determined by Coast Mountain Bus Company. Even if you're able to meet the minimum requirements, an excessive number of violations, prohibitions, suspensions, and/or accidents in the past may exclude you from consideration.

    We evaluate applications from persons with a criminal record. During the criminal record search phase, you must complete a Criminal Record Search, including a Vulnerable Sector Search, through your municipality's Police or RCMP department. This step is completed at your cost. Results from Criminal Record Searches are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

    Our exam meets the requirements of the Motor Vehicle Act and the medical qualifications necessary to hold a Class 2 or Class 4 license. Please do not complete this step on your own.

    If you hold a Class 2 or an unrestricted Class 4 BC commercial learner's permit, you'll be instructed to obtain a driver's medical examination form to take to your appointment. There may be a fee for the form.

    Journey to Becoming a Bus Operator

    Submitting an Application

    Explore our Bus Operator Career Opportunities. If you don't see any openings, it means we're not accepting applications at this time. Check back regularly to make sure you don't miss the next posting. We're unable to accept applications in advance of a job opening. All applications for job postings must be submitted online.

    Coast Mountain Bus Company will notify all shortlisted applicants. Applicants who are unsuccessful will be notified that they can reapply after a waiting period.

    If you have trouble accessing the system or submitting your application, get help applying for a job or read our guide on applying for a transit operator job opening.


    Offer of Employment

    At any stage of the recruitment process, additional information may be requested to confirm your suitability for the position. Those who complete all steps are contacted with a verbal offer of employment as a Transit Operator Trainee and a start date is arranged.

    Hired candidates must successfully complete the training program and a 675-hour probationary period of actual time worked for continued employment.

    Coast Mountain Bus Company reserves the right over all hiring decisions.


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