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Completed in 2018, the Southwest Area Transport Plan is a review of the transportation network in Richmond, South Delta, and the Tsawwassen First Nation, as well as important connections to North Delta and other nearby areas. It focuses on improving transit service and infrastructure, while also addressing aspects of cycling, walking, driving, and goods movement.

Support for this Plan and the recommendations was provided by local elected officials of the City of Richmond, City of Delta, and Tsawwassen First Nation. Our Plan Overview provides a brief summary.

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The Southwest Area Transport Plan involved a comprehensive planning process that included analysis of issues and opportunities, assessment of community values, and identification and prioritization of strategies and actions. An integral part of this process was stakeholder and public engagement which involved two phases.

Phase 1 required an analysis of local transit services and infrastructure, as well as aspects of cycling, walking, driving, and goods movement.

Phase 2 made reccomendations on how to make the most of the opportunities identified in the first phase of the Southwest Area Transport Plan.

The Southwest Area Transport Plan is a living document which means TransLink will continue to collaborate with local government partners to stay on track to deliver the recommendations in the Plan.

TransLink will work to implement the near-term transit priorities in the Southwest Area Transport Plan, along with other regional transit priorities in Metro Vancouver as funding and resources allow.

Some priorities may be implemented by re-allocating existing buses and service hours as part of the regular service changes that TransLink makes across the network. Other priorities may be considered for implementation along with other regional priorities as part of future transportation investment plans.

Recommendations related to cycling and walking might be implemented through cost-share funding programs offered by TransLink to which local governments can apply for funding.

We'll continue to provide more information on how we're progressing to meet the goals, objectives, and recommendations of the Plan as we move forward.

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