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Active Transportation Options

Family of three cycling along the Serpentine Dyke in North Surrey

Recommendations for Active Travel during COVID-19 Response

Walking and cycling is a great addition to transit, and alternative option when services are impacted.

Exercise is important for mental and physical health. The provincial health authority encourages people, who are symptom free, to use less busy outdoor spaces for walks and bike rides.

Physical Distancing while Walking & Cycling

Whether taking transit, walking or cycling, TransLink’s top priority is the health of our employees and the community. Based on advice provided by Canadian Public Health Agency and BC Ministry of Health, here are some guidelines to practice safe walking and cycling during COVID-19:

  • Where possible, travel solo and stay close to home

  • Ride or walk when others are not out and avoid traveling at peak times.

  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before you go out and after returning home. Avoid touching your face while you’re out.

  • Be aware of others around you when riding, particularly in parks, on recreational routes and multi-use facilities.

  • Lower your speed to account for increased pedestrian and bicycle traffic volumes, and a wide range of speeds and abilities.

  • Make sure you wear a properly fitted helmet, and use a bicycle equipped with a bell and front and rear lights (when riding after dark).


TransLink's Role Supporting Walking & Cycling

Building and maintaining strong pedestrian and cycling infrastructure is a core part of TransLink’s mandate to go beyond transit and integrate walking and cycling into our communities.

Below are some recommended regional walking and cycling routes, TransLink active transportation facilities, and information and resources on how our partners are here to help during this time.

For more information on combining cycling and transit, visit our Bikes on Transit page for more tips and our Bike Parking page for a full list of TransLink cycling facilities.

Bike Parking

Man storing his bike in the Main St SkyTrain Station bike parkade

We offer a few different ways to park your bike at TransLink facilities across Metro Vancouver.

  • Bike Racks: Steel bike racks which can be found at all SkyTrain stations, WCE stations and most bus exchanges.

  • Bike Parkades: Indoor facilities at SkyTrain and WCE stations, that can be accessed for a low fee with a Compass Card.

  • Bike Lockers: Assigned lockers that are available across the system for a low monthly fee.

Where Can I Walk & Ride?

TransLink recommends using routes with dedicated cycling infrastructure separated from motor vehicles, such as bike lanes, as much as possible.

The City of Vancouver has closed Stanley Park and a lane on Beach Avenue to motor to vehicles provide more space for walking and cycling.

While half of all trips under 5 km in Metro Vancouver are made by car, many trips under 5 km for groceries, prescriptions, and other essentials can easily be done by bicycle. Running errands by bike is often faster and more convenient than driving.

Where there is high demand for continuing transit services and low levels of service, please consider alternative walking and cycling corridors as options. To map out your cycling route, visit TransLink’s Cycling Maps page.

Please check your city’s website to see what public amenities are closed. Road infrastructure and parks’ green spaces, including multi-use trails, currently remain open and accessible.

Check out this handy mapping tool to see how far you can get on a city bike, road bike or mountain bike in Metro Vancouver over 5, 10, 15, and 30-minute increments. You might be surprised!

Mobility Partners

We thank our walking and cycling partners, who have been working around the clock with TransLink to best manage changing travel patterns and serve essential workers across our service areas.

  • As a key part of supporting our transportation network, the Government of BC has included bike shops and repair services in the Province’s list of Essential Businesses during the emergency.

  • Visit HUB Cycling to check out the list of bike shops and bike delivery services operating during the COVID-19 Pandemic as well as a range of tips and resources to help you cycle safely throughout Metro Vancouver.

  • Mobi Bike Share launched a free 90 day Essential Services Membership Program.

  • Garage 529 helps to ensure bikes are tracked if reported stolen. Register your bike today!


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