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Transit Security

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Protection of our employees, customers, properties, and revenue

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    About Transit Security

    Transit Security Officers managing crowds outside of a special Fireworks bus for the Celebration of Light

    Transit Security (formally known as CMBC Security Services) provides proactive, high visibility presence using mobile, foot, and bike patrols throughout Metro Vancouver’s transit system. They respond 24/7 to security related calls throughout the 1800 km2 transit network, including the deployment of plain clothes officers, and work collaboratively with law enforcement agencies to serve and protect customers, employees, and the community.

    Officers enforce the Transit Tariff, as well as bylaws, rules and regulations on and around transit. They can also issue Fare Infraction Notices. Transit Security use data to focus their resources on high volume locations and areas that are known to be of concern for customers. Transit Security officers also may arrest someone when they are found to be committing a criminal offence on or in relation to the transit system.

    Transit Security Officer operating a laptop from the interior of his vehicle

    Transit security is divided into two areas:

    Security Operations

    The front-line operations team consists of four Security Operations Coordinators (work leaders) and 57 full-time Transit Security officers who ensure the protection of employees, customers, properties, and revenue. Front-line operations are overseen by three Security Operations Supervisors who provide leadership, support, and accountability to the front-line security operations.

    Physical Security

    Physical Security manages the Coast Mountain Bus Security system, CCTV systems, oversees risk analysis reporting, internal investigations, and access control.

    History of the Department

    Transit Security SUV with new livery

    1980s and 1990s - Special Constables

    Prior to the creation of TransLink in 1998, BC Transit was responsible for Metro Vancouver’s transportation network. At that time, Transit Security was known as BC Transit Security.

    In the 1980s and 90s, the Special Constables were a separate arm of BC Transit Security. BC Transit Security and the special constables existed in tandem and worked together within the same department. Each unit served distinct roles within the department and catered to specific requirements within the security platform.

    1999 - Transition to TransLink and Becoming Transit Security

    When TransLink was created, Transit Security remained as the security department for the newly created TransLink enterprise, enforcing the transit tariff among other regulations within the transit system.

    2005 – Restructuring Transit Security

    In 2005, Transit Security operated with two primary units: the General Security Patrol (GSP) and the General Investigations Unit (GIU). These units were distinct in their roles and functions. The GIU officers focused on conducting investigations and fare audit duties, while the GSP officers were dedicated to patrolling and responding to service calls.

    In 2017, Transit Security consolidated the GIU and GSP units into one, with all security personnel becoming Transit Security Officers (TSOs). All TSOs were given the same roles, functions, and duties, including the ability to issue fare infraction notices for ensuring fare compliance.

    Present Day

    There are 57 full-time Transit Security Officers across the enterprise, working every day to ensure the protection of employees, customers, properties, and revenue.


    Two Transit Security Officers on bicycles outside Braid SkyTrain Station

    TransLink and Coast Mountain Bus Company are always hiring to help meet the needs of our growing region. As one of BC’s Top Employers, Coast Mountain Bus Company is dedicated to maintaining a workforce that reflects the diverse communities we serve. We’re committed to fostering an inclusive, equitable, and accessible workplace, recognizing the unique value and skills every individual brings.

    Qualifications for positions with Transit Security:

    • High school diploma

    • Basic Security Training (BST)

    • Advanced Security Training (AST), which authorizes and gives authority to carry and use handcuffs.

    • Minimum of two (2) year of previous experience in security, loss prevention, bylaw enforcement, law enforcement and customer service.

    Interested in learning more and applying for one of our available positions? Please visit our careers page.