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Capstan Station

About the Project

Capstan Station will be a new Canada Line station in the City of Richmond, built in the area of No. 3 Road and Capstan Way. It will be located between the existing Bridgeport and Aberdeen stations.

On the average weekday in 2019, there were more than 37,000 customers riding the Canada Line between those two stations.

The station is being built to support the growing development in the area and to provide customers with convenient access to the SkyTrain network. This exciting project will deliver a safe, efficient, and environmentally sustainable transportation option for the Capstan Village area, which projects up to 16,000 residents once nearby developments are completed.

TransLink has worked closely with the City of Richmond on the design of the station. It will be integrated with the nearby roads and buildings, and will meet the City’s objectives for the area, such as developing connected, transit-oriented neighbourhoods.

Updated: May 16, 2024

Canada Line customers

The current phase of construction focuses on the integration of the new Capstan station to the existing Canada Line system in preparation for station opening.

For the safety of the public and workers, service between Bridgeport Station and Richmond–Brighouse Station will be temporarily impacted from Apr. 8 to May 16. During this time period (Monday to Friday only), service will end at 9:30 p.m. (instead of 1:35 a.m.) allowing construction crews to continue work on the new Capstan Station.

Regular service will resume on Friday, May 17, 2024.

Map of the impacted section of the Canada Line

Extra bus service will be available between Bridgeport and Richmond–Brighouse stations (Aberdeen, Lansdowne, and Richmond–Brighouse) to provide customers with alternative service. Buses will stop at each impacted station and run approximately every 10 minutes. The extra buses will depart from Bay 10 at Bridgeport Station and Bay 1 at Richmond–Brighouse Station. Signage will be on site to assist customers.

We thank our customers and neighbours for their patience while this work takes place.

People walking, rolling, and driving in the area

The following changes are in place for the duration of the construction period to enable construction:

  • One northbound lane on No. 3 Road will be closed from Capstan Way to Sea Island Way;
  • The sidewalk on the east side of No. 3 Road will be closed from Capstan Way to Sea Island Way;
  • The northbound bike lane along No. 3 Road will be closed;
  • The 403 bus stop on No. 3 Road just north of Capstan Way (serving bus route 403 and the N10) has been relocated to Capstan Way just east of No. 3 Road.

Digital traffic signage is in place for motorists and detour signage was installed in the area for cyclists and pedestrians.

Occasionally, throughout the construction period, partial lane closures will be required for shorter durations of time along No. 3 Road and Capstan Way. Digital traffic signage will be updated accordingly.

Map of the future Capstan Station on Canada Line

Public engagement (Nov. 16 to 23, 2020)

  • Shared project status update and included illustrations of different views of the station. 

Station design completion (summer 2021)

  • The full station design was completed in early summer. 

Construction start (summer 2021) 

The station is projected to open in the coming months.

In 2012, the Capstan Station Funding Agreement was signed between the City of Richmond and TransLink to plan for the construction of the Capstan Station on Canada Line. This was a unique funding arrangement through which the City collected funds from developers in the area in exchange for density bonuses to help raise the necessary money for the project. This was an innovative approach to building projects and delivering an improved customer service, while lessening the burden on taxpayers.

In late 2017, the City of Richmond had raised the necessary funds for TransLink to begin work on a concept design for the station.

In December 2019, TransLink and the City agreed to the design concept. Through 2020, work on the design continued and was shared with the public through a virtual open house in November. TransLink has since been working collaboratively with the City and other stakeholders to progress the design and ensure it meets the City’s objective of a connected, liveable neighbourhood.

From Nov. 16 to 23, 2020, we held a virtual open house to share the station design concept and to ask for public feedback on the design. The feedback will be reviewed by the project team and taken into consideration as the design work progresses. Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their input.

Although the engagement period is now closed, please feel free to view the Engagement Boards and the Engagement Summary Report to learn more about the project.

If you have any questions about the project, please email

We project the station to open to customers in mid-2024.

The work may require changes to vehicle, pedestrian, and cyclist movement through the area to ensure public safety. Any potential impacts will be communicated in advance. TransLink is committed to working with our construction partners and the City of Richmond to minimize impacts on our neighbours as much as possible.

The station will include two sets of up and down escalators, two elevators, bright lighting, a commercial retail unit, bike lockers and a public art component. It will also meet accessibility standards, for example the inclusion of platform edge tactical strips.

No, the station will not include public washrooms. However, the adjacent development will have public washrooms just a few minutes’ walk from the station (i.e. approximately 70 metres away).

Planning for a public art project is underway for Capstan Station. The public art component will enhance the customer experience with thought-provoking and stunning art.

The station will include a retail space. The specific retailer is not known at this time, but will be determined closer to the completion of the station.

Due to the specific site conditions and the existing guideway, integration with the neighbouring developments was impractical. That said, we’re working closely with the City of Richmond to support the integration with adjacent public lands and active transportation corridors.

We have worked closely with the City of Richmond to ensure the design of the station will meet the needs of our customers and Richmond residents.

With each new station we continue to leverage the attributes that our customers have told us they enjoy most, including up and down escalators, bright lighting, accessibility features, and other elements to ensure an optimum customer experience.

Lake City Way Station was built after the Millennium Line opened, so this will be the second time that TransLink has built a station on one of our existing rapid transit lines.

The three pieces of public art below are projects commissioned by TransLink’s Public Art Program. In response to the development of Capstan Station, Richmond’s new vibrant transportation hub, three Richmond-based artists reflect on the question of “How can a transportation hub foster community?” We hope you enjoy the artwork as much as we do! A special thanks to the City of Richmond’s Public Art Program for introducing TransLink to these three talented artists.

Transporting mural by Dawn Lo

Transporting is a digital mural by artist Dawn Lo which imagines the future Capstan SkyTrain Station and its surrounding area. Once complete, Capstan Station will be an active transportation hub surrounded by extensive public spaces for people to enjoy through play, relaxation, and get-togethers. Illustrated as a series of activities emerging from portals, Lo envisions people jogging, biking, dog walking, dancing, reading, and making art. The vibrant colours and dynamic poses of the mural illustrate the energy and movement of the future site and amplify the bursts of playfulness and creativity of the different activities.

Dawn Lo is an illustrator whose work has appeared in picture books, stationery, greeting cards, public art installations, and more. Born in Hong Kong, she is currently based in Richmond, B.C.

@dawndawndawnillustration (Instagram)

Passages mural by Laura Kwok

Passages is a vibrant depiction of the natural wonders, stunning local landmarks, and thriving transportation system that make Richmond a historic and cultural gem in the region. Artist Laura Kwok reflects on the rich transportation history of the city to celebrate the significant impact it has had in the evolution of Richmond and the wider region. A plane from the early 1900s is illustrated as a nod to the city’s rich aviation history – one which was instrumental to the progression of aviation in Western Canada in the 20th century. On the left of the mural, a historic Steveston fishing boat is depicted, and on the right a bicycle along the greenway. Representing the continually growing transportation system is a TransLink bus, SeaBus, and an animated SkyTrain zooming across the centre of the mural.

Well-known Richmond landmarks give the mural a sense of familiarity. From Garry Point Park and its cherry blossom trees and the historic houses at the Britannia Shipyards to the iconic Olympic Oval and Aberdeen Centre, and more, residents will recognize the beloved locations that make Richmond home. The artist also reflects on the local wildlife and botanicals, showcasing the diverse, natural beauty that makes Richmond the stunning and special place it is.

Laura Kwok is an artist and illustrator based in Richmond. Inspired by nature, wildlife and travel, her work recreates these themes in a colourful and imaginative style. She launched her stationery brand Art + Soul Creative Co. in 2016 and continues to design and illustrate for her own product line. Aside from working with clients and creating commercial work, Laura is passionate about pursuing her own large-scale art pieces and mural projects.

Want to participate a scavenger hunt of the local landmarks, animals and flowers found in this mural? Please see the PDF.

Find the artist here:
@artandsoulcreativeco (Instagram, Facebook)

Connections mural by Jeni Chen

Connection is a digital mural by artist Jeni Chen visualizing the future Capstan SkyTrain Station and the many ways in which the new transportation hub will connect people and foster community. Once built, Capstan Station will be an important, active, multi-modal transportation hub surrounded by extensive public spaces for gathering, relaxing, celebrating and playing. In her work, Chen shows pods of people dancing, viewing art, playing sports, walking their dogs, and gathering against a backdrop of the Coast Mountains, Fraser River and the sky. Running through the artwork is a blue SkyTrain line symbolic of how the transportation system connects us in community and gives us access to recreation, culture, the arts, and moments of celebration.

Jeni Chen is an artist based in Richmond. She received a Fine Art certificate from Emily Carr University of Art + Design in 2018 and has produced several public art projects in British Columbia. As a mom and a teacher of community arts programs, Chen sees how brilliant and creative kids are. She wrote and illustrated a picture book called Emet’s Box to encourage children to explore their brilliance and creativity. Emet’s Box was published in 2022 by The Little Press.

Find the artist here:
@jenichenart (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

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