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Hastings Street Improvement Project

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TransLink and the City of Burnaby are partnering to improve Hastings Street between Boundary Road and Duthie Avenue. The objective of this project is to find near-term opportunities for enhancing mobility for all users that could be implemented within 3 to 5 years.

Thank You!

Thank you to all those who participated in our survey and/or participated in one of our engagement events in 2022. The Phase 1 Engagement Summary Report is now available.

We are excited to announce that a second round of public engagement will be conducted after a preferred plan for Hasting Street is confirmed.

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    Why Hastings Street?

    Hastings St is a major arterial road in Burnaby, and is an essential part of the transportation network that connects Burnaby neighbourhoods to each other and other communities.

    The street is also part of the Major Roads Network, supporting the safe and efficient movement of people and goods. In Burnaby’s Transportation Plan, Connecting Burnaby, streets such as Hastings Street are envisioned to serve many purposes. In addition to moving people and goods, other purposes include accommodating pedestrians, providing access to businesses, and improving the public realm, making the street active and enjoyable.

    Currently, the street prioritizes the movement and parking of vehicles, and experiences significant congestion during rush hours, including delay to transit services. While buses move up to one-third of people on Hastings Street, they can be slow and unreliable since they share the roadway with other vehicles. The narrow public realm means limited opportunities for pedestrians, cyclists, and street activation.

    The Hastings Street Improvement Project presents an opportunity to explore the shared interests of the City of Burnaby, TransLink, and the community to improve the street for all users.

    Hastings Street Improvement area between Boundary Road and Duthie Avenue

    Project Objectives

    This project will support key objectives and targets in Connecting Burnaby: Burnaby’s Transportation Plan and Transport 2050.

    A safety shield icon with a checkmark in the middle

    Improve road safety and neighbourhood livability

    A storefront icon

    Improve business vibrancy

    A car and truck icon

    Improve safe and efficient movement of people and goods

    A bus icon

    Improve bus priority

    A bike and pedestrian icon

    Improve active transportation facilities

    A house icon

    Minimize neighbourhood impacts

    Project Process

    Step 1: Understand existing corridor conditions & opportunities

    Completed spring 2022

    • Assess current conditions on Hastings Street

    • Early stakeholder engagement including stakeholder workshops

    • Online public survey (May 16 to June 13, 2022)

    Step 2: Develop and assess options for improvement

    winter 2023/2024

    Step 3: Confirm preferred plan for Hastings St

    summer 2024

    Step 4: Design and delivery

    Starting in 2025

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    If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to

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