Pattullo Bridge Rehabilitation

Pattullo Bridge in Metro Vancouver, BC

Recognizing the need for a new bridge and balancing the impacts to drivers and costs to taxpayers, regular inspection and maintenance of the Pattullo Bridge is ongoing to ensure the safety and functionality of the bridge.

The rehabilitation and repairs will keep the bridge operational until a new four-lane replacement is complete in 2023.


Seismic Early Warning and Wind Monitoring System

As part of TransLink's Maintenance and Repair Program, we are equipping Pattullo Bridge with early seismic warning and wind monitoring sensors that will trigger an automatic bridge closure in the case of an earthquake or extreme wind event. This project began in May 2019 and is expected to complete in summer 2019.

The bridge, which opened in 1937, was not designed to meet modern wind and seismic standards. Though it is scheduled to be replaced, we must ensure its safety while it is still in use. To do so, we will be implementing a system that combines state of the art monitoring equipment with traffic control devices to ensure bridge users remain safe in the case of high wind or seismic events. A similar seismic advanced warning system was installed at the George Massey Tunnel.

In addition to triggering closure devices such as messaging signs, advanced warning lights and gates, the system will automatically alert key TransLink staff to ensure additional safety precautions may be taken.


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