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Take #Transit4thePlanet - Cut Carbon and Grow Your Savings!

Take transit on Earth Day (Monday, April 22) – and every day! How you choose to move around the region matters.

Illustration of a SkyTrain on top of the earth, surrounded by plants and flowers.

Transit for the Planet

On Earth Day (Monday, April 22), we’re calling on all of Metro Vancouver to Transit for the Planet! Choosing public transit over driving is one of the most effective ways to cut carbon and grow your savings – along with walking, biking, or rolling of course.

Cut Carbon

Transit is the environmentally friendly choice. By choosing transit over driving a gasoline-powered vehicle, you could reduce your transportation carbon emissions by up to 80%.

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Driving is the biggest source of GHGs in the region – cars, light trucks, and SUVs are responsible for 32% of emissions.

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A trip on a SkyTrain or electric bus reduces your GHGs by 99% compared to driving.

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A trip on a hybrid-diesel bus reduces GHGs by 56% compared to driving.

Grow your savings

On an annual basis, a typical new vehicle can cost about $10,000 to own and operate. Contrasted with the $2,273 annual cost of a 3-Zone Adult Compass, residents could save up to $8,000 per year by opting out of car ownership and choosing transit instead.

Dollar bill

Did you know?

In Canada (on average), a new vehicle costs $53,000 and a used vehicle costs $36,500.

Total annual costs

The costs associated with owning a private vehicle can be significant, including expenses such as depreciation, fuel, insurance, maintenance, and parking. Here are some example costs from the CAA’s Cost of Driving Calculator for common vehicle categories compared to transit over an annual period.

How much could you save by switching to transit?


Electric Vehicle


2024 Tesla Model 3
Depreciation: $3,720
Maintenance: $816
License & Registration: $64
Insurance: $2,105
Monthly payment: $607
Fuel: $222


Compact Car


2024 Honda Civic
Depreciation: $2,836
Maintenance: $1,150
License & Registration: $57
Insurance: $1,980
Monthly payment: $467
Fuel: $2,029


Sports Utility Vehicle


2024 Ford Escape
Depreciation: $3,497
Maintenance: $966
License & Registration: $65
Insurance: $1,971
Monthly payment: $576
Fuel: $2,340


Pickup Truck


2024 Ford F-150
Depreciation: $5,806
Maintenance: $1,026
License & Registration: $88
Insurance $2,012
Monthly payment: $1,095
Fuel: $3,465


Adult Compass Card and Concession Compass Card


Compass Passes

Vehicles models are selected to be broadly representative of their respective automotive class category. Data derived from CAA's Cost of Driving Calculator ("") averaged to 15,000 kilometres per year in B.C., representative of typical primary vehicle usage in Metro Vancouver. Cost (rounded to the nearest hundred is representative of leasing a vehicle for five years with relevant rebates applied for zero-emissions vehicles as computed by CAA. Fuel price set to $2/litre at 45% city driving and 55% highway driving. Images are meant to be representative only and may not represent the exact year and/or vehicle trim. Exact models computed: 2024 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus 4D Sedan RWD; 2024 Honda Civic LX-B 4-door Sedan; 2024 Ford Escape Active 4D Utility FWD; and 2024 Ford F-150 XLT Supercab SWB 4WD. Data current to April 11, 2024.

What can you do this Earth Day?

  1. Take Transit for the Planet! Plan your route with our Trip Planner today.

  2. Let’s make moves to tackle climate change together. Share how you’re taking #Transit4ThePlanet when you take the bus, SkyTrain, SeaBus, or West Coast Express on Earth Day.

  3. Say hello to our teams who will be handing out wildflower seeds at key transit hubs on Monday, April 22.

Do you cycle? We have bike parkades and lockers at key transit hubs. Find out how to make cycling part of your journey.

TransLink: leading the way to a climate-friendly and more affordable region

Battery electric bus at 22nd st station

As part of our Climate Action Strategy, we’re aiming for net-zero GHGs by 2050 and working to cut our carbon emissions 45% by 2030.

With an expanding SkyTrain network, and a fleet of 280 trolley-electric and battery-electric buses, we’re on our way to a greener future! Construction is underway on our first all-electric transit depot in Vancouver and we’re adding 460 battery-electric buses to our fleet by 2030. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability and all our climate action work.

In a rapidly growing region, Access for Everyone will support affordable climate action – including more transit, walking, biking, and rolling choices for everyone.

We're helping employers take action on climate change

We’ve launched Commutifi, a data-driven platform to help organizations measure, understand, and reduce the impact of their employees’ commutes.

Our Transit-Friendly Employer program recognizes organizations doing their part by providing a 50% subsidy for transit passes. Join our growing coalition of leading organizations who are making employee travel easy, affordable, and climate friendly.