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This Earth Day, take Transit for the Planet

Illustration of a SkyTrain on top of the earth, surrounded by plants and flowers.

How you choose to move around the region matters. On Earth Day (April 22), we’re calling on all of Metro Vancouver to Transit for the Planet! Choosing public transit over driving is one of the most effective ways to reduce your environmental footprint – besides walking and cycling, of course.

Every day, TransLink customers collectively save one million kgs of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions by using transit instead of a gas-powered car.

Did you know?

Every time you take the SkyTrain instead of driving a car, you prevent 2.3 kg of CO2 emissions – that’s about five bathtubs full of CO2 – from going into the atmosphere.

Illustration of five bath tubs

What can you do this Earth Day?

  1. Take Transit for the Planet! Plan your route with Trip Planner today.

  2. Say hello to our teams at main SkyTrain stations to participate in a fun giveaway

  3. Share your pledge to help the environment online by using the hashtag #transit4theplanet

Do you cycle? We have bike parkades and lockers at key transit hubs. Find out how to make cycling part of your Earth Day journey.

We are Committed to Sustainability

As part of the Climate Action Strategy, we are aiming for net-zero emissions in our operations, fleet, and facilities by 2050. Over 400 new battery-electric buses will be in service by 2030, as we work towards electrifying the entire bus fleet to compliment the fully electric SkyTrain and trolleybus system.

Read our Climate Action Strategy.


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