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Transit Network Review


The 2019 Transit Network Review is a part of our ongoing management of the network. It is a key component in how we identify where to put services to support areas of high ridership, provide transit options in growing areas, and deliver a basic level of transit access across Metro Vancouver.

With the approval of Phase Two of the Mayors' 10-Year Vision and the reallocation of current resources, we have an opportunity to deliver on more and better service across the region.

Proposed transit network changes for 2020 and 2021 focus on:

  • Delivering service in new areas outlined in the Phase Two of the 10-Year Vision
  • Modifying existing routes to reduce overcrowding and improve reliability


New transit services, including new routes in areas that currently have no transit access, and on corridors with existing service that is overcrowded.

New routes:

River District

  • New 80 River District / Marine Drive Station
  • New 31 River District / Metrotown

East Fraser Heights

  • New 338 East Fraser Heights

68th Avenue, Surrey

  • New 368 Scottsdale/Sullivan via 68th Ave

North Vancouver/Burnaby

  • New 222 Phibbs/Metrotown Express

The Southwest Area Transport Plan (SWATP) recommended changes to improve and simplify the network in that subregion.

Route changes:

Richmond/YVR NightBus

  • Improving connections YVR by extending route N15
  • Simplify service pattern on route N10

Steveston – Bridgeport – Knight St.

  • Redesign route 407 to become two routes, both connecting to Bridgeport Station.

Ironwood – Richmond centre – No 5 Rd

  • Changes to routes 404, 405 and 416 to simplify the network and add service to Riverside Industrial Area and new residential developments along River Dr.

Despite expanding our bus service extensively since the implementation of the 10-Year Vision, overcrowding and pass-ups are occurring across the region due to several consecutive years of record ridership growth. Some of this overcrowding is being addressed by projects funded through Phase Two of the 10-Year Vision. In addition to this, we have identified other potential adjustments to the transit network that would allow us to provide additional service on parts of the network where customers are experiencing overcrowding.

Route changes:

South Surrey – White Rock – Crescent Beach

  • Changes to routes 351 and 352 to allow for the introduction of double-decker buses on route 351 to address overcrowding.

Fraser Hwy

  • Changes to routes 502 and 503 to address overcrowding along Fraser Hwy.


  • Changes to route 68 and 70 to address crowding on the UBC circulator shuttles.

Ironwood – Richmond Centre

  • Simplify the service pattern on route 408 for improved customer legibility.

Consultation for the 2019 Transit Network Review took place in April and October 2010. Thank you to everyone who participated. Read the 2019 Transit Network Review Final Report for details.


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