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TravelSmart for Business

We’re making it easier for employees to travel and keep employers on the move.

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Providing transit passes and sustainable travel solutions for employees has been shown to help employers decrease overhead costs like parking while supporting environmental, health, economic and equity-enhancing corporate objectives.

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    Why choose public transit?

    Employer Benefits

    • Manage and decrease demand for parking

    • Improve recruitment and retention of staff

    • Achieve your corporate social responsibility goals

    Employee Benefits

    • Improved health and morale

    • Increased focus and engagement

    • Reduced commuting costs

    • Space to listen, read, or socialize during your commute.

    TravelSmart for Business Offerings

    Our TravelSmart for Business program provides your employees with flexibility to get where they need to go safely, reliably and affordably:

    • Our TravelSmart Lite pay-as-you-go pass is perfect for flexible commuters who travel less than three days a week, while our TravelSmart Plus Monthly commuter pass is great value for employees required to be on-site more than 3 days a week.

    • Compass Cards for your employees can be loaded with stored value up to $175 for TravelSmart Lite, and for TravelSmart Plus, adult or concession monthly passes or a West Coast Express monthly pass.

    • Your organization chooses how much you want to contribute to your employees. Starting at $10 per employee/ month for Lite, to as little as 10% and up to 100% for Plus. You choose the duration, from a single month to ongoing auto-loaded passes, and update your subscription only when there are employee or pass-type changes.

    Employee Transit Choices

    Staff Pass Lite Staff Pass Plus
    Summary Provides employees with stored value on a Compass Card with a pay-as-you-go model. Provides employees with unlimited trips every month with their Compass Card.
    Ideal for: Employees travelling 2 to 3 days a week. Employees travelling over 3 days a week.
    Pricing Options Choice of how much stored value is added to the Compass Card. Choice of monthly pass and contribution amount (e.x. 20% of a 1-zone pass).
    Our prices vary by zone (distance)*
    • 1-Zone trip: $2.45
    • 2-Zone trip: $3.55
    • 3- Zone trip: $4.60
    Employees commuting 2 to 3 times a week would spend:
    • 1-Zone trip: $48 to $72 per month
    • 2-Zone trip: $68 to $102 per month
    • 3- Zone trip: $92 to $138 per month
    Employees commuting more than 3 times a week would spend:
    • 1-Zone pass: $100.25 per month
    • 2-Zone pass: $134.00 per month
    • 3- Zone pass: $181.05 per month
    * These are the prices for conventional transit on our standard fare. Let us know if your employees would be interested in the West Coast Express or Concession fares (for those under 18, and 65+) and we’ll happily crunch those numbers.

    Flexible Travel Options

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    TravelSmart works closely with our valued community and mobility partners to promote behaviour change initiatives to help support your business goals. Check out some of their great employer offers below.

    More Information

    TravelSmart is Simply Smart

    More than ever, businesses and government organizations are realizing the importance of a flexible commute on employee retention.

    By supporting a diverse range of sustainable and equitable commuting options for your employees - such as transit, cycling, remote work and carshare you’ll support affordability and enhance your workplace culture.

    Help your organization to be a more productive, profitable and healthy place to work while also supporting sustainable modes of travel that address the growing Climate Emergency.

    TravelSmart Toolkits

    Is your worksite facing travel challenges? Check out our self-help guides to help build out your TravelSmart program.

    Modo Car Share

    Get a free business membership – Modo will waive the security deposit and sign up fees. Share the code TRAVELSMART with your team – they will earn $50 in driving credits. (Valid for new members only). Visit

    Evo Car Share

    Receive free membership and 30 minutes driving credit with the promo code TRAVELSMART. Offer valid for new members only. Visit for more information.

    Lime's E-bike Share

    Free rides for frontline workers through the LimeAid program and a free 10 minutes of riding time for all new riders when they use the code LIMENORTHSHORE. Visit to get started.

    Mobi Bike Share

    Provide your employees with discounted bike share memberships. Get an exclusive promo code for $30 off a 365 Day Pass Standard and $40 off a 365 Day Pass Plus. Enrole your organization at


    Free access to employers via the Metro Vancouver carpool program. Additionally, Liftango can set up a program tailored to individual employers. Visit to find out more.


    Sign up free for Poparide’s city-to-city carpooling app for longer-distance commutes and trips out of town on weekends. Download the app or visit

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