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A woman and two kids with their bikes at a bus stop.

TransLink's TravelSmart Program aims to connect Metro Vancouver residents, visitors, and businesses with more active and sustainable transportation options. We do this through a combination of outreach, online training, educational videos, print resources, strategic partnerships, and incentive programs.

Contact Us

If your group (company, school, or organization) would like to reduce single occupant vehicle use and promote sustainable transportation options, email

Contact Us

If your group (company, school, or organization) would like to reduce single occupant vehicle use and promote sustainable transportation options, email

Who we work with:

  • Individuals and local businesses to incentivize walking, cycling, taking transit, and carpooling.

  • Planning and infrastructure project teams to ensure that customers know about new and existing services and how they can best utilize them.

  • Community and non-profit groups to reach seniors, newcomers, businesses, and school groups.

TravelSmart for Business

Transportation continues to be one of the biggest challenges facing businesses in our region today. Traffic congestion delays employees’ commutes and goods arriving at their destination.

Our TravelSmart for Business program works with organizations in Metro Vancouver to evaluate, facilitate, and improve travel options for employees, clients, and customers arriving at your workplace.

We consider all travel modes (driving, cycling, transit, carsharing, and ridesharing), looking for ways to overcome barriers, support sustainable initiatives, meet your corporate objectives, and measure results.

Employer Benefits

  • Manage and decrease demand for parking

  • Improve recruitment and retention of staff

  • Achieve your corporate social responsibility goals

  • Options and resources to consider when relocating

Employee Benefits

  • Access to tools and resources that increase knowledge of transportation mode options

  • Improved health and morale

  • Increased focus and engagement

  • Reduced commuting costs

What We Offer

  • Site audit and assessment

  • Measurement tool for employee mode choice and level of interest in trying something new

  • Employee engagement through lunch and learn sessions, onsite events, and communications

  • On-going support

  • Resources

  • Knowledge network of best practices and lessons learned

Contact to discuss how we can work together to help your organization meet your goals.

Compass for Organizations

Our Compass Card for Organizations program helps your employees get where they need to go safely, reliably, and affordably:

  • Compass Cards for your employees can be loaded with an adult or concession Monthly Pass or a West Coast Express Monthly Pass.

  • Your organization chooses how much you want to contribute to your employees — from 10% to 100% of their monthly passes.

  • You choose the duration from a single month or auto-load in perpetuity.

TravelSmart for Newcomers

Sustainable transportation is key in helping newcomers settle into their new home successfully. Our TravelSmart for Newcomers program works with individuals, settlement service agencies, and community groups to support our newcomers with resources on how to use public transit and other modes of sustainable transportation.

We provide:

  • Online transit tools: Trip Planner, Compass Card vending machine simulator, wayfinding exercises

  • Safety, security, and etiquette tips: Transit Police, text reporting services

  • Print resources: how to get around Metro Vancouver, arriving at YVR Airport, Compass Card information

Addressing language barriers

We work with settlement service providers, interpreters provided by partnering agencies, and other community partners to offer travel training resources in other languages.

Settlement Services Providers

We offer settlement service workers and language school educators with the transportation information they need to help newcomers settle. We provide the tools to support newcomers as they confidently navigate the various modes of transportation throughout Metro Vancouver.

TravelSmart for Seniors

Seniors are living longer and are more active than ever before.

Working with Senior Centres and advocacy groups throughout the region, we provide seniors with information on the wide array of transportation options available.

We provide:

  • Safety, security, and etiquette tips

  • Take away resources, materials, and incentives to promote sustainable transportation

  • Train the Trainer sessions for community partners with a focus on trip planning, safety, and etiquette tips

TravelSmart for Schools

We support schools, municipalities, and community partners as they engage students and parents to consider incorporating more walking, cycling, and other modes of sustainable and active transportation in their lives.

There are many benefits of safe and active modes of travel, including health, environmental, and financial benefits, as shown in our Active Kids are Healthy Kids infographic. Our current work includes the development of a Youth Travel Strategy to promote safe and active travel to schools throughout Metro Vancouver.

Learn how you can support and empower students to become safe, confident, and independent travelers using the resources below.

We work closely with regional partners, municipalities, and school communities to ensure the most up to date resources are developed and shared. We recommend you visit your local municipal website to see what unique programs are offered in your neighbourhood.

Our Group Travel section has information on how to purchase fares in advance and how to order bulk tickets.


We work with corporate and government partners to ensure that the residents, visitors, and businesses understand the travel options available to them. Whether you’re planning a community event, providing services to new British Columbians, or searching for a solution to help your employees get to and from work, we can help.

Community Partnership

TransLink is committed to supporting and investing in community programs that fit with our Vision, Mission, and Values, while contributing to the social and environmental well-being of the communities we operate in.

TravelSmart works with the following service partners to deliver our programs throughout the region:

We work with local Metro Vancouver governments to implement transportation demand management programs tailored to each community.

TravelSmart has formed partnerships with organizations and community groups to promote demand management initiatives through events, businesses and campaigns. This includes the Vancouver Marathon, Children's & Women's Health Centre of BC, Vancouver Art Gallery, BC Lions & the Grey Cup Festival, FIFA Women's World Cup, Car Free Days, Bar Watch, Tourism Vancouver, Vancouver Coastal Health, the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games, ICBC, Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association, and more.


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