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Cycling in Metro Vancouver

A woman smiling while riding her bike down a designated blue bike lane with pedestrians on the sidewalk to her left

More people than ever are turning to their bicycles for travel around Metro Vancouver. Cycling can be the fastest way of getting around, especially in more urban areas. It's also healthy, good for the environment, and fun!

TransLink is committed to making cycling comfortable, safe, and convenient for everyone. We’re doing this by providing funding for municipal bike routes and cycling amenities, providing cycling maps, developing an integrated regional strategy, and making it easy to connect with our transit services by bicycle.

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    Let's Ride!

    Let’s Ride! Is our newest initiative highlighting all of TransLink’s existing and upcoming resources and programs around cycling. As the region evolves and roads become increasingly congested, we look to find ways to encourage our customers to mix cycling into their commuting routine. Our goal is to make Metro Vancouver even more cycling-friendly than ever.

    Current Cycling Initiatives

    TransLink offers a wide range of facilities to make cycling to and from our transit system easy and convenient for customers.

    Bike Parkade

    Bike Parkades

    • You can access our Bike Parkades at SkyTrain stations (Bridgeport Station, Burquitlam Station, Commercial-Broadway Station, Coquitlam Central, Joyce-Collingwood, Lafarge Lake-Douglas Station, Main Street-Science World, Maple Meadows Station, Metrotown, Port Coquitlam Station, King Edward and King George stations).

    • These parkades allow you to “Bike and Ride” for only $1/day or $8/month to park your bike.

    Bike Locker

    Bike Lockers

    Access a Bike Locker at several of our stations for a safe place to park your bike during the day for only $10/month

    Bike Rack

    Bike Racks

    Bike Racks are available and free to use outside all of our SkyTrain and West Coast Express stations, and most bus exchanges.

    Did You Know?

    • TransLink’s facilities offer the biggest bike parking network in Canada, with 11 parkades across the Lower Mainland, lockers for daily bike storage, and bike racks at all stations.

    • Through our Major Road Network, we hold 102 kilometers of bike lanes in the region.

    • In 2016, the percentage of commuters who cycle was 2.3%.

    • The share of people cycling to work increased from 1.7% in2006 to 2.3% in 2016.

    Metro Vancouver Cycling Maps

    Metro Vancouver West cycling map

    Explore the best options for you!

    These cycling maps include key connections to transit hubs, locations of bike lockers and parkades, and indicate areas with steeper hills. They also show the comfort levels of each route based on how separated it is from traffic.

    Providing these resources is part of TransLink’s commitment to the All Ages and Abilities (AAA) cycling network, helping all cyclists navigate safely and comfortably.

    We also contribute funding to a variety of cycling, road, and pedestrian improvements across Metro Vancouver. Learn more about these investments on our Major Road Network page.

    Community Cycling Resources

    Metro Vancouver has numerous cycling resources and groups that provide advocacy, tips and training for cycling enthusiasts.

    HUB (formerly the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition) is a volunteer-run non-profit society, whose members work to improve conditions for cycling in the Lower Mainland.


    BEST strives to make our communities healthier places to live by promoting sustainable transportation and land use planning, and supporting pedestrian, cycling, and transit-oriented neighbourhoods.


    British Columbia Cycling Coalition (BCCC) represent the interests of cyclists provincially and to secure their recognition in policy and programs affecting transportational cycling.


    PEDAL is a non-profit organization that develops and promotes the use of pedal-powered technology.


    Cycling BC is the provincial governing body for the sport of cycling in British Columbia representing the full range of disciplines, including Road, Track & Cyclo-cross, Mountain Biking, and BMX.


    Garage 529 provides a sustainable program to help reduce bike theft, encourage cycling, and overall make the region more bike friendly.


    Mobi is a community-based public bike share program in Vancouver, ideal for short, one-way trips.


    This fun, practical, and hands-on course is for anyone who can already ride a bike, and would like to get comfortable riding on city streets.

    Through classroom and on-road training, you'll learn about the safest place on the road to ride, how to maneuver your bike effectively, how to communicate with other road users, safety tips, and more. You'll gain the skills and confidence you need to enjoy riding in the city!


    A beginner course for grades 2 to 5, HUB Learn2Ride is an introductory cycling skills and safety course.

    In Learn2Ride, students are taught how to negotiate different types of road safety situations in a simulated environment free from traffic.

    Visit Learn2Ride on

    BikeMaps's goal is to capture cycling incidents (collisions, near misses, and road hazards) that are otherwise missed in ICBC and hospital reports. More incident reporting in Metro Vancouver will allow researchers to identify areas with cycling safety issues. These results can be used by municipalities to prioritize infrastructure investments, resulting in safer streets for cycling.


    The Bike Sense operators' manual provides information on traffic laws and riding strategies to help cyclists understand their rights, responsibilities, and how best to protect their own safety in traffic.


    This is a free drop-in bicycle mechanics program aimed at getting more youth riding by removing barriers! During Youth Drop-In, young people ages 12 to 19 are invited to come by Our Community Bikes.


    Go By Bike BC Society is a non-profit society that facilitates GoByBike (formerly Bike to Work Week) and Bike to School programs.

    Visit GoByBikeBC

    Bike Valet is convenient and secure bicycle parking offered for free to cyclists at a number of festivals and special events in Vancouver during the summer months.


    Cycling is a key component of the Province's strategy for encouraging healthy living and addressing climate change, in conjunction with the Climate Action Plan and the Provincial Transit Plan.

    Visit Bike BC

    Free shuttle service for bicycles and their riders through the George Massey Tunnel.


    Illustration of two friends cycling, with the words BIKE, RIDE, WALK, ROLL in bold lettering behind them

    Bike, Walk, Ride & Roll

    Through our Local Government Funding Programs, we’re working to improve accessibility, comfort, and safety for active travel – with new bike paths, bike parking, sidewalks, and more.

    Established programs like these are a vital part of TransLink’s long-term vision for sustainable transportation in the region. Not only are we helping Metro Vancouver achieve its climate goals – by reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality – we’re also helping those that live here feel better supported when they choose active travel.

    Whether you’re commuting to work or school, shopping, or just out exploring, you can bike, walk, ride, or roll with confidence, knowing your experience will be easy, connected and safe. As our region continues to grow, it’s important that we keep investing in active transportation projects to support more vibrant communities for years to come.

    Here's a few of our more recently completed projects in Metro Vancouver:

    Langley City's New Connected Bikeway Network

    This bikeway provides a continuous route between Kwantlen Polytechnic University campus, downtown Langley and the Nicomekl Trail.

    The Prairie Ave Bikeway

    This multi-use pathway provides a traffic-separated east/west connection to and from Downtown Port Coquitlam – offering protected access to many of the area’s key destinations.

    The 132 St, City Parkway, and 100 Ave Bikeways

    Three traffic-protected bikeways have been created in Surrey, on 132 St, City Parkway, and 100 Ave. Each offers comfortable and convenient options for commuting, shopping, or exploring.

    Visit the Roads, Bridges and Goods Movement Page to learn more about the Local Government Funding Programs and to explore the full list of completed and ongoing projects.

    Explore the Projects