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Commutifi Program

A Commutifi spokesperson talking to a cyclist about the benefits of Commutifi

TransLink has partnered with Commutifi to provide a data-driven commuting platform for employers on a pilot basis.

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Help make your employee commutes more sustainable

TransLink is providing a 30–50% subsidy for Commutifi Enhanced for large organizations and providing Commutifi Lite free to small organizations for the upcoming year.

Did you know that driving is the largest source of GHGs in the region – responsible for over one-third of emissions in the region?

With employee travel responsible for a large share of GHGs in the region, leading employers are using Commutifi to make commuting more sustainable. Commutifi makes it easy for organizations to measure, understand, and impact their employees’ commutes – helping to cut GHGs and costs.

It all starts with a baseline: few employers know how their employees travel to work or how commuting impacts their business (e.g, GHGs, recruitment and retention, health, etc.).

The platform helps employers manage their transportation programs: optimizing spending, reducing admin time and costs, maximizing talent attraction and retention, and promoting employee wellness.

About Commutifi

Commutifi Score Dashboard

Commutifi is a web-based commuting solution for organizations to make data-driven decisions. Commutifi quantifies and compares all commuting options, based on a combination of time, cost, and carbon emissions to identify, map, and suggest the best option for each commuter.

Employers can manage their programs, including parking, public transit subsidies, bike incentives, carpool and more, while making it easy for employees to access all their programs and encourage more sustainable choices through education and incentives.


For employers

  • Understand employee travel patterns and needs

  • Better sustainability analytics and reporting

  • Integrate commute management and parking programs under one umbrella

  • Integrate employee travel HR and payroll integrations

For employees

  • Easy trip planning and commute education

  • Simple enrolment to workplace commute programs

  • Access to commuting incentives and rewards

Who’s using Commutifi in the Metro Vancouver region?


First Nations Health Authority

Metro Vancouver

Rivian Automotive


Transoft Solutions



West Point Grey Academy

Why organizations are using Commutifi


At UBC, student, faculty, and staff commuting generates nearly the same GHGs as buildings and energy use combined. We're using Commutifi to enable and promote sustainable commuting to and from campus - leading to a more resilient, accessible, and inclusive UBC.

Michael White
AVP Campus & Community Planning

Vancity Credit Union

"You can't manage what you can't measure. With the Commutifi platform, we've unlocked accurate and reliable data on the greenhouse gas emissions associated with employee travel, reflecting the realities of the post-pandemic work environment."

Valerie Presolly
Director, Climate Strategy & Performance
Vancity Credit Union

Commutifi Dashboard

Commutifi Plans

Commutifi Enhanced Commutifi Lite
Cost Cost-share available (first come first served) Free for Small to Medium Sized Businesses (<3 Worksites)
Number of Employees Over 200 employees Less than 200 employees
  • Customizable employee commute surveys
  • Employee commute baseline data, preferences, and modeling
  • Trip planning and logging features
  • Customizable commute education portal
  • Incentives and reward points functionality
  • ESG reports for sustainability and ROI
  • Integrated commute management and parking
  • Optional third-party mobility service provider data integration (e.g., carpool, shuttles, bike share)
  • HR and payroll data integration
  • Basic survey and commute baseline
  • Pulse check on employee travel behaviours and sustainability
  • Basic commute education tools for employees

Learn more by visiting Commutifi

Help make your employee commutes more sustainable

TransLink is providing a 30–50% subsidy for Commutifi Enhanced for large organizations and providing Commutifi Lite free to small organizations for the upcoming year.

Contact Commutifi to learn more, determine eligibility, or join the program.

What happens next?

Eligible organizations will be onboarded and can begin enjoying the benefits of Commutifi immediately. We’ll be evaluating the impact on commuting for employers as part of this trial program.