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Sustainable Procurement Strategy

A TransLink Electric Bus

At TransLink, our suppliers are an enormous part of everything we do. They provide the goods and services that keep us operating and building the future of transportation in the Metro Vancouver region.

Our supply chain is vast and deeply integrated into regional, provincial, and national economies:

  • Over 3,200 suppliers provide us with $1.3 billion worth of goods and services.

  • 70 per cent of our suppliers are in B.C. and 92 per cent are in Canada.

Together, we have a tremendous opportunity: we can work together to create a sustainable, inclusive economy that supports reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. As such, TransLink has developed a Sustainable Procurement Strategy that will help usher in the future of our organization and leverage our supply chain to reach our collective sustainability goals.

What is Sustainable Procurement?

Sustainable procurement integrates social and environmental priorities – alongside financial considerations – into the selection of goods, services, suppliers, and the management of contracts.

This strategy will help us engage the market to help achieve key corporate and regional sustainability priorities including:

  • Achieving corporate and regional climate goals

  • Supporting reconciliation with Indigenous Nations and Indigenous Peoples

  • Providing diverse and inclusive suppliers with opportunities to grow and thrive

Goals of the Sustainable Procurement Strategy

  1. Achieve our climate and environmental management goals and targets

  2. Ensure a minimum of five percent of our active contracts are with Indigenous-owned and operated suppliers (directly / sub-contractors) by 2030

  3. Invest in a diverse supplier community (directly / sub-contractors):

    1. accessible to diverse-owned and operated suppliers, such as women, and minority-owned
    2. accessible to small suppliers ( <50 employees)
  4. Establish High Impact Procurement Opportunities (HIPOs)

  5. Improved policy, processes, and capability of our people

What's next?

With the Sustainable Procurement Strategy in place, we are implementing an action plan to meet our goals and working towards improving our policies. We’ll continue to keep our supplier community informed and engaged as we move forward.

It will take collaboration between the public and private sector to reach our collective sustainability and climate goals. We look forward to working with you!

Follow this page for future updates and more information.