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TravelSmart is TransLink's Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Program that allows us to connect with customers on a personal level through a unique combination of face to face outreach, tools, resources, and strategic partnerships. By highlighting travel solutions that work within an individual’s lifestyle, TravelSmart aims to change the way that Metro Vancouverites view transportation and how they utilize it in their daily lives.

Whether your main mode of travel is walking, cycling, transit, or driving there are ways to reduce your costs, your impact on the environment, and your health by the transportation choices you make every day.

The TravelSmart team works in synergy with our planning and infrastructure projects to ensure that customers know about new and existing services and how they can utilize them. Specifically, through community/non-profit entities, seniors, newcomers, businesses, and school groups to ensure that residents and visitors to Metro Vancouver understand the sustainable transportation options available for their lifestyle.

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If your group (company, school or organization) would like to talk about how you can reduce single occupant vehicle use and promote sustainable transportation options, contact us at