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Mobile Services

TransLink is committed to getting you the information you need where and when you need it. Our various mobile tools can help you plan your trip while on transit, get updated schedule information, and more.

Illustration of a woman displaying the mobile website on her phone. Access from any web-enabled smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Our website is a fast, convenient, and easy way to get the transit information you need, where and when you need it.

Using GPS on buses, Next Bus gives you real-time transit information by estimating when the next vehicle will depart, based on its last reported location. Use Next Bus to find out when the next bus is coming, look up bus routes and bus stops, see bus route paths, or find the closest stop to your current location. Mark routes or stops as favourites for fast access next time you're heading out the door.

You can also plan your trip on our Trip Planner, then save your origin and destination pairs for easy lookup next time you need them.

Our mobile site also offers schedule, fare and rider information, plus transit alerts, contact info, and access to our Buzzer blog posts while you're on the go.

Use the feedback or contact us links to pass along your comments, thoughts or wish-list to help us continue to improve our mobile services.

Next Bus SMS is a free service that allows riders that don't have data plans, or would prefer not to use data, with the ability to receive real-time departure times. Standard carrier text messaging charges may apply. 

Text the bus stop number and bus route number to 33333 (example: 54440 240) and within seconds, you'll receive the next two departure times. You must include a bus route number in your text in order to get times. If you text the stop number without a route number you'll receive the bus routes that service the stop but no accompanying times.

If you need times for multiple bus routes that service your stop, text the bus stop number and up to two bus routes to 33333 (example: 50585 44 84). You'll get the next two departure times for each bus route in two separate texts.

If you need times for three or more bus routes at a stop, you'll need to send an additional text message (example: 54446 240 246 and 54446 241).

Tip: Make sure you put a space between the 5-digit bus stop number and the route number(s). Example: 54440 240.

The predicted departure times are based on the GPS location of the buses and update approximately every two minutes, but sometimes only scheduled times will be available. Scheduled times are marked with an asterisk (*). When a service is cancelled, we'll indicate the time with a "C".

Need help? Text "HELP" to 33333.

Next Bus is also available on our website, and provides scheduled departure times as well as a stop look-up tool if you don't know your stop number.

Note: TransLink doesn't charge customers for Next Bus SMS, but standard carrier text messaging charges may apply. To keep costs associated with Next Bus from being passed along to customers, we've implemented an advertising-based service. When you use Next Bus SMS, an ad and/or link might appear in the text message, in addition to the upcoming bus times. If you don't want to receive these ads, please use our mobile website for Next Bus times.

Shaw Open WiFi is now available to all customers at both SeaBus terminals and on all three SeaBuses.

Anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop can now check email and browse content on-the-go by connecting to Shaw Go WiFi.

Passengers who aren't Shaw customers can access WiFi by selecting "ShawGuest" from the list of available WiFi networks. So sit back, relax, and enjoy complimentary WiFi while you ride!

If you're having issues connecting, please contact Shaw's 24/7 technical support at 1.888.407.0251 or visit

TransLink and Shaw are working on a system-wide WiFi design and plan to run trials on SkyTrains and buses in 2019, with deployment starting in 2020. TransLink expects the entire network to be completed by 2025.

Rogers, in partnership with TransLink, has turned on LTE wireless service in the SkyTrain Dunsmuir, Edmonds, and New Westminster tunnels. The expanded service covers Stadium–Chinatown, Granville, Burrard, and Waterfront stations, between 22nd Street and Edmonds stations, and between Columbia and Sapperton stations.

Freedom Mobile customers can access to LTE service at Waterfront, Burrard, Granville, and Stadium–Chinatown stations, as well as in the Dunsmuir Tunnel.

Metro Vancouver was the first Canadian city to partner with Google Transit!

Download Google Maps to your mobile device and you can use Google Transit to get route and transit information, phone numbers for local business and even figure out where you are, with or without GPS.

TransLink doesn't have an official app, but the mobile version of works on all devices with an internet connection.

There are many third-party applications for Android, Apple, and Windows Phone devices that utilize TransLink's scheduling data.

    Transit Alerts

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    Get Transit Alerts on your cell phone or by email and we'll keep you up to date.