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Etiquette on Transit

Taking transit means sharing space. Literally and figuratively, we're all in it together, so it's important that you treat your fellow riders with courtesy and respect. Even the simplest actions can ensure that everyone, including you, has a more positive transit experience.

Please be kind to each other on transit


Please remove your backpack and either hold it, or place it on the floor – especially when standing as it's easy to bump someone.

Please take your backpacks off and make room for others

Luggage, shopping bags, purses, laptops

Please ensure that your personal items are not taking away seats from other passengers.

Please keep your bags off the seats to keep them free for others

Keep doorways clear

In order for people to get on the SkyTrain, people first need to be allowed to get off. Before you board, please stand back and allow passengers to exit.

When on the bus, the area around an exit door might look like a convenient place to lean, but standing there makes it difficult for people wanting to get off (and can be confusing for the driver). Please stand clear and allow people to exit easily.

Please keep doorways clear to allow others to get on and off transit

Holding open SkyTrain doors
Preventing SkyTrain doors from closing can cause problems for everyone. If the doors are held open for too long, the whole train could shut down, causing delays. Please remember that another train will be coming shortly.
Courtesy/priority seats

The seats closest to the doors are for persons with disabilities, seniors and pregnant customers. These customers need to be safely seated while transit is in motion.

Some people have disabilities that aren't always obvious, so when someone asks you to give up a seat because they have a disability, please take their word for it.

If you are sitting in one of these seats, please take a moment to look up when new customers are boarding in case someone needs a seat.

Please be mindful of courtesy seats and give them to those that need them

Feet off seats

Please keep your feet off the seats. Someone may not be sitting there now, but there will be a person sitting there later who will appreciate it remains clean of dirt, water and whatever else is on the bottom of your shoes.

Please keep your feet of the seats

Personal audio devices
If other people can hear the music through your headphones – it's too loud. Just think about what all that excessive volume is doing to your eardrums. For yourself, and for those around you, please – keep it down.
Cell phones
Unless you want to share your conversation with everyone around you, please keep your voice down. The microphone is only a few millimetres from your face - there's no need to yell.
Walk left, stand right
When using an escalator, please stand to the right to allow people to pass you on the left. Just like when driving on the road.
Enter front, exit rear

To help people get to their destinations as quickly and safely as possible, passengers are asked to enter the bus using the front doors. Please move towards the back of the vehicle to make room for other passengers and exit from the rear doors.

We do have exceptions. Passengers for the 99 B-Line have the option of boarding the bus from the middle and rear doors once departing passengers have exited. Elderly passengers, passengers with strollers and passengers with mobility and other challenges also have the option of exiting the bus from the front door.

Food & drinks
Moving vehicles and consuming food don't mix. Please ensure any food or non-alcoholic beverages are stored in closed spill-proof containers before you board transit. Open alcohol is not permitted on transit.
Personal hygiene
Rush hour on transit means being together in close quarters. Deodorant can make all the difference. But be mindful; many people suffer from allergies to certain scents. Please apply any perfumes and colognes moderately.


    Be Informed

    Help keep our system safe, secure and pleasurable for everyone. Please read our Rules and Regulations.