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Photo of a woman with her bike on a SkyTrain

Bikes on Transit

Combining biking with transit trips is not only good for your health and wallet, but the environment too. Helping people make sustainable travel choices is part of TransLink's long-term strategy. Bike-friendly transit is an important part of this.

You can take your bike almost everywhere with you: on the bus, SkyTrain, SeaBus and West Coast Express. Electric and folding bicycles are also allowed on the system now (with some restrictions). So whether you're commuting to work, or just want to cycle around Stanley Park and then bus it back home, transit can help you, and your bike, go further.


We've partnered with HUB Cycling, Mobi by Shaw Go, Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (BEST), Project 529, Modacity, and Cowlines to help you #BiketoTransit.

Mobi is offering 50% off a Mobi Day Pass so you can cycle for part of your commute. Use promo code biketotransit to redeem 50% off a 24 hour pass at and get cycling!

Attending an event and want to combine your trip with transit? Find out if BEST's Bicycle Valet is present and park your bike worry-free.