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Procurement Opportunities through Electronic submission

Over the next few months, we'll gradually start posting procurement opportunities on the SAP Ariba platform that allows suppliers to submit their responses electronically. This platforms provides a number of key benefits:

  • Efficient creation and submission of bidding responses
  • Reduced bidding-associated expenses, such as printing and courier delivery
  • Improved evaluation and award lead time
  • Better visibility into event status and history of past bids going forward

The steps below show how to access the opportunities as well as to submit the responses.

  1. Procurement opportunities can be found on our Open Bids page.
  2. In order to respond to an opportunity, suppliers must first register in the SAP Ariba network.
  3. Once registered, a supplier can view an opportunity through the Ariba system, and all attached reference documents can be downloaded.
  4. Respondents are responsible to review all the instructions on the posting and submit their responses electronically.
  5. Unless specifically indicated, no hardcopy submission will be accepted.
  6. All submissions must be submitted in the system no later than the closing time, as indicated in the event page.

More information


If you have any questions regarding a procurement opportunity posted through Ariba, submit your question using the message board on the Ariba event posting. This tool will direct your question to the responsible strategic sourcing person.

Questions and answers are usually posted to the event message board for the specific procurement opportunity, and will be visible to other suppliers participating in the event.

Please identify if your question has any information considered a trade secret. Procurement will review the questions and send a confidential response if deemed necessary.

Procurement Opportunities through Paper submission

The following procedure will be gradually phased out by the above e-bidding procedure.

Procurement opportunities may be downloaded directly from this web site or obtained from the Procurement Department by making advance arrangements with a member of Procurement, located at:

TransLink Strategic Sourcing
400-287 Nelson's Court
New Westminster, BC V3L 0E7

Fax: 778.375.6630

Responses to procurement opportunities must be returned to the Strategic Sourcing Department as detailed in the procurement opportunity (usually in a sealed envelope or package not later than the “Closing Time” set out in the procurement opportunity).

The Procurement Department generally doesn't accept responses via internet, email, or fax unless, the procurement opportunity specifically states one or more of these modes of response is acceptable.


If you have questions about a procurement opportunity, submit your question directly to the responsible member of procurement at 778.375.6630 (fax) or email at within the time frame identified in the procurement opportunity. Specify the name and reference number of the procurement opportunity.

Questions and answers are usually posted to the specific procurement opportunity web page in the form of a numbered questions and answers addendum. (Note: Respondents should specifically identify any questions that are considered trade secret. Procurement will review the questions and make arrangements with the bidder for a confidential response if deemed necessary.)

All Contracts with TransLink and its Subsidiaries are subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

It is the sole responsibility of the Respondent to regularly check the individual web page for addenda, questions and answers, clarifications and amendments.

Procurement Opportunity Results
As soon as practical after award, the name of the successful respondent is posted on this web site.

Ownership of Documents
All procurement opportunity documents issued by TransLink are the property of TransLink and may not be copied or sold to other parties without the express authorization of the Manager, Procurement.

Altering of Documents
Respondents must not electronically alter any portion of downloaded procurement opportunity documents with the exception of adding the information requested. To do so may invalidate the Respondents response.

Useful Tips

  • Check the individual procurement opportunity details web page or the event page on Ariba regularly for amendments, addendum, clarifications, and questions and answers on active procurement opportunities.
  • Read the procurement opportunity documents thoroughly and comply with all the instructions and conditions.
  • Submit any queries regarding the bid document to the appropriate member in Procurement prior to the closing date as stipulated in the procurement opportunity documents.