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    New Services

    You may have missed all the new services we’re providing. We’ve got new, faster service with RapidBus, new Transit App predictions to see how full your bus is, a new SeaBus and more!


    Full length shot of a green & blue RapidBus

    We launched four new RapidBus routes in January 2020 bringing you 20% faster bus service and much more.

    Room to Ride

    Transit app for TransLink

    Transit app now includes capacity predictions, so you know when there’s room to ride.

    Let's Ride

    A cyclist riding a Mobi bike on a designated cycling path

    We’ve launched new resources and bike routes to better connect cycling and transit.

    Fall Service

    Passenger browsing on their phone

    We’re ready to welcome you back to school and work, with additional services ready to get you there.

    Next train screens

    Next Train screen at Commercial-Broadway Station

    Next train screens have been added to all SkyTrain platforms and station entrances letting you know when to anticipate your next train.

    Ensuring your Safety

    Your safety remains our top priority. Read more about our safety measures below.

    Masks are welcome

    Man wearing a mask while riding the bus

    Masks are always welcome on bus, SeaBus, SkyTrain, and West Coast Express and are based on individual comfort level. Masks are required on HandyDART services until further notice.

    Enhanced cleaning protocols

    The Transit T icon being disinfected with floating cleaner bottles

    We've implemented enhanced cleaning protocols with improved ventilation on vehicles, cleaning pit-crews and much more.

    Ventilation on transit

    Illustration displaying how clean air cycles through a SkyTrain car

    The ventilation on our buses and SkyTrains allows fresh air to circulate easily through our fleet.

    Copper pilot project

    Bus wrapped in 'Copper Pilot' information

    We've implemented enhanced cleaning protocols with improved ventilation on vehicles, cleaning pit-crews and much more.

    If you ever have any safety-related concerns, please reach out and let us know. Understanding where, when and what concerns our customers have helps us determine what actions we can take.

    Please visit our Safety and Security page for additional safety tips. 

    Local Attractions Map

    Check out the local attractions, our most popular bus routes, the frequent transit network, and our region's biggest shopping locations!

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