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Regional Transportation Strategy

After 18 months of collaboration with governments, stakeholders and recent public engagement, we have completed the first part of our update to the Regional Transportation Strategy (RTS). This Strategic Framework sets out the vision, goals, principles, strategies and key initiatives to help guide transportation decisions in Metro Vancouver over the next 30 years.

The approved strategic framework sets out an approach for accommodating the one million more people expected to live in the region by 2045 and the resulting growth in demand on the transportation system. It brings together our strategies on investing in system expansion, managing demand and coordinating land use, to ensure we make transportation decisions that are affordable and help us live healthy lives, in communities with prosperous businesses, safe streets, clean air and thriving natural environments.

To learn more, click through the tabs below and read our RTS Strategic Framework. Find out what we heard in the RTS Consultation Report. Consultation on the next phase - a more detailed implementation plan - begins this fall. Check back soon for more details.


In their Vision for Transportation Investments, the Mayors' Council on Regional Transportation has refined and mapped out key investments and actions for the first 10 years of the 30-Year Strategy. More information about the region's transportation priorities for the next decade can be found on their website.