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2019 Transit Service Performance Review

The Transit Service Performance Review (TSPR) is published annually and provides a comprehensive review of ridership and service productivity for bus, SeaBus, SkyTrain, West Coast Express, and HandyDART. It helps us identify opportunities to reduce overcrowding, improve performance and reliability, and meet the needs of our customers as the region continues to grow.

In 2019, our region reached a record of 452.9 million boardings, while ridership grew 3.6 per cent systemwide. This was largely the result of smart planning, strong municipal collaboration, significant service investments, and a sustained focus on improving customer experience. This is a success story for our entire region.

Highlights of our success in 2019 include ridership growth on all modes of transit:

  • Bus boardings increased by 3.8%
  • SeaBus boardings increased by 1.2%
  • SkyTrain boardings increased by 3.2%
  • West Coast Express boardings increased by 4.9%
  • HandyDART boardings increased by 5.7%

The 2019 TSPR will be instrumental as we map out our blueprint for ridership recovery in 2020 and beyond, while continuing to work towards our region’s shared goal of sustainable transportation.


What’s the difference between a boarding and a journey?

Boardings are measured as each time a passenger enters a fare paid zone using Compass fare media or other proof of payment; transfers are counted as additional boardings.

Journeys are measured as a complete transit trip using Compass fare media or other proof of payment, regardless of the number of transfers.

2019 Transit Service Performance Review – Links


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