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We've partnered with Modo!

Six TransLink Park and Ride lots now have reserved Modo Co-operative parking spots.

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Park and Ride

Park your car at one of many safe and convenient Park and Ride lots and hop on transit. You’ll not only avoid the hassle of dealing with rush-hour traffic, but you’ll also reduce the wear and tear on your car - and your carbon emissions too!

Signs at each location indicate rates, hours of operation and liability notices. Unless otherwise noted, none of the locations permit overnight parking.

There are 18 Park and Ride locations across Metro Vancouver, 9 of which are managed by TransLink. The remaining lots are managed by their respective municipalities.

Check out the map below to locate a Park and Ride lot nearest you. Click on each location to view additional details such as rates, address and number of stalls available. The blue pins are lots managed by TransLink, while the yellow pins are managed by their respective municipality. (A text-only version of the locations is also available.)



Please note: If you are experiencing issues viewing this map, please view the full-screen version on Google Maps Engine.



What is a Park and Ride?

A Park and Ride is where people drive to a parking facility in order to access the transit network to continue their journey. A Park and Ride can be an efficient way for people to access the transit system in parts of the region with lower transit coverage and frequency. Customers who use a Park and Ride are typically taking longer commuting trips.

Where are the Park and Rides located?

There are 18 Park and Ride facilities across Metro Vancouver, however only 9 are managed by TransLink. These provide almost 5,500 parking spaces. Six of these facilities serve West Coast Express stations with the rest serving SkyTrain, Canada Line and bus loops. There are additional privately-operated Park and Ride facilities across the region that serve a similar purpose.

The new Carvolth Park and Ride opened in December 2012 with roughly 650 spaces. This lot supports the new Highway 1 Rapid Bus service across the Port Mann Bridge. In addition, work is underway to deliver Park and Ride facilities associated with the Evergreen Line.

Can I park a Carshare vehicle at Park and Ride locations?

6 TransLink Park and Ride lots have Modo reserved parking spots. located at the following SkyTrain stations:

  • Surrey: King George Station (2), Scott Road Station (1)
  • Coquitlam: Coquitlam Central Station (1)
  • Burnaby: Lougheed Town Centre Station (2), Edmonds Station (2)
  • New Westminster: Braid Station (1)

Please check with other carshare companies for their regulations and rules on parking.

How much does it cost to park now?

Pricing is different at each Park and Ride facility. Of the Park and Ride facilities managed by TransLink, nine already have pricing in place. 

Please note: As of Nov. 5, 2013, the South Surrey Park & Ride location is no longer free.

TransLink Park and Ride Facility Parking Capacity Existing Price Level (daily)
Carvolth Exchange 679 $2 
Coquitlam Central (WCE) 601 $3
Maple Meadows (WCE) 435 $3
Mission (WCE) 254 $3
Pitt Meadows (WCE) 150 $3
Port Coquitlam (WCE) 267 $3
Port Moody (WCE) 296 $3
Scott Road 1471 $3
South Surrey 840 $2


Non-TransLink Park and Ride Facility Parking Capacity Existing Price Level (daily)
Bridgeport, Richmond (Canada Line) 1512 $2.50
East Guildford, Surrey 85 Free
Gleneagles, West Vancouver 120 Free
Ladner Exchange 200 Free
Lincoln Lot, Coqutilam 109 $3.75
Lion's Bay 9 Free
Park Royal, West Vancouver 166 Free
Phibbs Exchange, North Vancouver 40 Free
South Delta 72 Free
Westmount, West Vancouver 30 Free

How much does it cost to operate a Park and Ride facility?

The capital costs of surface parking are, at a minimum, $3,000 per space. The capital costs of structure parking are about $15,000 per space. Operating costs at a minimum are $200 per space per year, with no attendant. Operating costs can be as high as $800 per space per year with an attendant.

Why Did TransLink develop a Park and Ride policy?

TransLink has developed a new policy for its Park and Ride facilities across the region with four key objectives:
  • Improve efficiency of TransLink's 9 Park and Ride facilities.
  • Be fair and equitable for all customers.
  • Improve access for customers who have no other way of accessing the regional transit system.
  • Contribute operating, maintenance and capital costs of the facilities.

A comprehensive policy will help TransLink make strategic decisions about when Park and Ride facilities are needed, and how this need should be met. The policy will also help TransLink make the best use of its resources.

What does the Park and Ride policy include?

The Park and Ride policy outlines TransLink’s approach to existing and future Park and Ride facilities in Metro Vancouver. The policy brings a consistent approach to Park and Ride management and establishes clear planning principles to guide decision-making.

The policy does not include specific pricing levels, but outlines considerations for pricing, supply and management including: location, type and frequency of transit service, accessibility to the transit network, utilization patterns of the facility and future uses of the land and surrounding lands.

When will the policy be implemented?

TransLink will be implementing variable paid parking starting in 2013. The goal is to use a phased approach to ultimately roll the policy out to all TransLink-managed facilities where possible.

TransLink has adopted a Park and Ride Policy to guide the supply, pricing and management of TransLink-managed facilities. The policy brings a consistent approach to Park and Ride management and establishes clear planning principles to guide decision-making.

In our consultation on the draft Base Plan, we heard that two-thirds of respondents are not concerned about implementing a new park and ride charge. Over the coming months, we will be working to implement variable paid parking at all Translink-managed Park and Ride facilities where feasible.

Priority Parking for Carpool Groups

The Scott Road Station and Carvolth Exchange Park and Ride lots offer priority parking for carpool groups, and the South Surrey Park and Ride lot offers guaranteed parking for carpool groups. Visit our Carpooling page for more details!

If you are interested in renting out space at any of our 12 Park and Ride lots, please visit our Park and Ride Rentals page.