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Golden Ears Bridge Tolls (Quickpass)


End of Tolling Notice

Tolls were removed on the Golden Ears Bridge on September 1, 2017.

Customers who are wanting to make payment, or are looking for copies of past toll statements or for a refund of a credit balance, can contact TransLink by:

Phone: 778-375-7430

Email: – (please include your full name and a call back number in your email)

Payments can only be made by cheque as follows:

  • Payee should be made out to TransLink
  • Include the Quickpass Account Number(s) in the Memo or on an accompanying note to ensure the payment can be applied on the account
  • Send the cheque by mail to:


ATTN: GEB Collections (s600)
400 – 287 Nelson’s Court
New Westminster, BC, V3L 0E7


Unclaimed Property

TransLink manages unclaimed property in accordance with the laws of the Province of British Columbia. TransLink maintains a database of toll accounts that have been left with a credit balance after the end of tolling on the Golden Ears Bridge.

In accordance with those laws, TransLink through its billing organization made reasonable efforts to locate and notify account holders of their account credit. TransLink considers a credit of an amount equal to or exceeding the prescribed amount to be unclaimed after:

  1. The account holder was sent mail, but it was returned because of a bad address.
  2. The account holder was sent a refund cheque, but it has not cashed.
  3. The account holder has not contacted TransLink with regards to the account.


If you would like to request a search of TransLink’s database to see if you have an account with a refund owing, please contact TransLink by:

Phone: 778-375-7430

Email: – (please include your full name and a call back number in your email)


Quickpass Transponder

Customers who still have Quickpass transponders in their possession can dispose them at any local recycling facility that accept similar electronic devices.