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Tap Your Card, Not Your Wallet

Our card readers will soon accept contactless Visa and Mastercard credit cards and mobile payment options. Watch out for card clash — only tap the card you want to be charged.

Learn more on our Tap to Pay page.

Proof of Payment

graphic of a fare paid zone indicator for TransLink public transit vehicles in Vancouver, BC

All Transit Vehicles and all areas within Fare Gates are Fare Paid Zones

All customers must pay the fare required by the TransLink Transit Tariff and must carry proof of payment whenever they’re aboard a transit vehicle, within fare gates, or within any station area that is designated as a Fare Paid Zone. Compass Cards and Compass Tickets with a valid fare that has been successfully tapped in are accepted as proof of payment on all modes. Validated FareSavers (no longer sold) and bus transfers are accepted as proof of payment on buses only.

Fare enforcement will be conducted by Transit Police officers and Transit Security members. Anyone who fails to produce proof of payment with valid identification (as required) upon request will be asked to leave the vehicle and risks facing a fare infraction ticket with a fine of $173.

Visit our Fare Infraction page for more information on paying or disputing a fare evasion ticket.

Customer Service


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