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Phase Two Project Update: Mayors’ 10-Year Vision for Transportation

Phase One

  • Phase One of the 10-Year Vision for Metro Vancouver Transportation was approved in November 2016 by the TransLink Board and the Mayors’ Council.
  • Increases to SeaBus, SkyTrain, Canada Line, HandyDART and bus services beginning in January 2017.
  • Pre-construction and consultation on the Millennium Line Broadway Extension and Surrey-Newton-Guildford LRT, funding for improvements to the Major Road Network, and expansion and improvements to the cycling and walking network.


Phase Two

  • Pattullo Bridge Replacement
  • Surrey-Newton-Guildford LRT
  • Millennium Line Broadway Extension
  • More rail cars, station and infrastructure upgrades on the existing Expo and Millennium SkyTrain lines
  • Additional expansion of bus service across the region
  • Additional expansion of HandyDART service
  • Continued improvements to roads, cycling and walking


Replacement of Pattullo Bridge

Completion: 2023

  • Bridge is a key link between Surrey-Delta and New Westminster-Burnaby.
  • The Pattullo Bridge is 30 years past its design life and has significant seismic issues.
  • Regular maintenance has extended its lifespan but life extension investments are no longer cost-effective.
  • Preliminary bridge design and community connections have been developed based on extensive public consultation, technical review, and financial considerations.
  • Road connection concepts were endorsed by City Councils in both the City of New Westminster and the City of Surrey in December 2016.
  • Environmental assessment is underway and expected to continue until the end of 2017.
  • Property costs, design requirements and roadway connections will influence cost estimates for the project.


South of Fraser Rapid Transit

Surrey-Newton-Guildford LRT

Completion: 2023

  • New urban light rail option for growing neighbourhoods in the Surrey area.
  • Population and jobs south of the Fraser expected to grow 70% over next 30 years.
  • Without a rapid transit option, Surrey expects traffic congestion and travel times to grow significantly.
  • The Surrey-Langley line is planned to be completed after the Surrey-Newton-Guildford Line, and the Mayors and TransLink remain committed to delivering it as per the Vision timeframe, with specific dates still to be confirmed.
  • Public open houses in Surrey and online consultation were held in January and February.
  • Planning work underway to prepare for procurement and construction.
  • Operations and maintenance facility, relocating utilities, purchasing property and the design refinement are key factors that will influence cost estimates for these Surrey rapid transit projects.


Millennium Line Broadway Extension

Completion: 2024

  • Extend SkyTrain to Arbutus in Vancouver, providing a new sustainable rapid transit option for hundreds of thousands of residents travelling in the Broadway corridor.
  • Broadway corridor has more demand for transit than we can handle right now.
  • More than half a million potential bus passengers are passed by every year by buses carrying full loads.
  • The corridor is the most densely developed area in the region that is not currently served by rail rapid transit.
  • Open houses and online consultation in January and February.
  • Property costs, geotechnical assessment and fleet and facility costs are key factors that will influence cost estimates.


Expo-Millennium Line Station and Infrastructure Upgrades

  • The Expo-Millennium Line is the backbone of the regional transit system. In January 2017 alone, the Expo-Millennium Line served nearly 8.5 million boardings.
  • The original Expo Line stations and infrastructure were built in 1985.
  • To  meet ridership demand over the next decade and beyond, stations and infrastructure must be upgraded and modernized, including:
    • Expand operations and maintenance facilities and upgrade power supply systems to accommodate more vehicles.
    • Increase accessibility (such as escalators and elevators).



There has been a lot of work to better define the projects and prepare for procurement and construction. Before final funding decisions are made, TransLink is working with the Province on the business cases for these projects—including a review of project scope, construction methods and other cost drivers and project risk assumptions—which will allow all levels of government to review the details of these major infrastructure projects. The final business cases will be completed later this year.

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