TransLink launches first Mark III train

August 18, 2016

VANCOUVER, BC – TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond and BCRTC President and General Manager Vivienne King welcomed customers on board the first new Mark III SkyTrain this morning at Waterfront Station.

The first group of transit riders got a chance to view the train before it set out on its inaugural ride. TransLink received more than 80 submissions from customers who shared why they should be the first to ride the newest addition to the SkyTrain fleet.

"We're excited to be launching the first of the new Mark III trains into service this morning, and we're glad to know that so many of our customers are just as excited about them as we are," said Vivienne King. "These new trains will help improve capacity on our crowded system, and give our customers a smoother ride and better experience when they're traveling on SkyTrain."

The first Mark III train goes into service on the Expo Line, which is TransLink's busiest SkyTrain line. Over the coming months, six additional Mark III trains will be added to prepare the system for the opening of the Evergreen Extension.

An updated design makes the Mark III more energy efficient and comfortable for passengers. The Mark III is lighter, has improved LED lighting and a longer-lasting battery system. Each train is made up of four connected cars, so passengers can walk from one end to the other, and move freely within the train.

"In a region that needs expanded transit service, getting the first of these trains into service helps build momentum toward improving transit and transit capacity in the region, and improve services to our customers," said Kevin Desmond. "These trains exemplify how all levels of government come together to invest in much needed transportation infrastructure to support and shape growth in the region."

The seven Mark III trains cost $91 million to build, purchased as part of the Evergreen Project to provide the capacity required to support its opening.

"It is essential to the Government of British Columbia that our transit investments provide the necessary support to enable the growth of interconnected, affordable and sustainable communities. Today's unveiling of the new Mark III trains will help to ensure that this region remains a livable one – one in which British Columbians continue to live, work and play," says Peter Fassbender, Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development and Minister Responsible for TransLink.


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Quick facts

  • The Mark III train is a four-car continuous train – customers can walk the entire train end-to-end.
  • Mark III trains feature:
    • Greater passenger capacity and better traffic pattern flow
    • New passenger doors with improved sealing when closed, reducing noise
    • Larger front and side windows add more natural lighting -- the windows are full width at the front of the vehicle, similar to the Canada Line cars
    • More accessible transit features, including larger, open spaces available for bikes, strollers and wheelchairs
  • The new Mark IIIs hold approximately 20-50 more passengers than the Mark II.
  • The Mark IIIs were purchased as part of the Evergreen Project to provide the capacity required to support the opening of the Evergreen Extension. 
  • Once the Evergreen Extension opens, our SkyTrain system will be the longest driverless and automated rapid transit system in the world; we currently have the longest in Canada.



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