Compass Card project update

July 08, 2014

Improved speed & reliability of mobile validator on buses is key to next phase of project

New Westminster, BC — TransLink’s contractor for the Compass Card system continues to make progress on improving the speed and reliability of Compass Card readers on buses but needs more time to resolve technical issues before the next phase of the program can be rolled out to customers. 

“We need to make sure that we get this right so we can deliver a modern, high-functioning system that consistently works well for our customers,” said TransLink chief operating officer Doug Kelsey.

The budget for the program remains at $194 million.

System testing and improvements to the card readers (mobile validators) on buses are ongoing. TransLink will provide another project update in October 2014.

The timing of a program launch for West Coast Express customers and others will be determined based on the demonstrated performance of the mobile validators.

“We have looked closely at the experiences of other jurisdictions, and we’re confident that we’re doing the right thing by getting these technical issues worked out before we fully offer this new service to all of our customers,” said Kelsey.

During the testing period, Compass Card users can continue to “tap in” and “tap out” on the system, and it is business as usual for all other customers.

The electronic smart-card payment system is designed to provide user-friendly, cashless access to transit in Metro Vancouver. Compass gives customers convenience and security, with features such as auto-load and balance protection. The Compass Card will also reduce fare evasion and provide TransLink with near real-time data to improve service delivery and long-term transit planning.

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