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Busker Program

We are excited to be able to bring back our busker program that has been on hold due to the pandemic. Thank you to all our buskers for being so patient and understanding during this time.

TransLink's busker program has been providing our transit customers with music and entertainment since Expo '86. Registered musicians perform at approved locations, playing a variety of instruments and musical styles.

TransLink Busker Program

TransLink is pleased to welcome our buskers back to the system and look forward to entertaining our traveling customers once again. We are welcoming back our buskers that held valid licenses in 2019, before we put the program on hold and will hold auditions in fall of 2022 for new buskers.

For those that are interested in becoming a busker, TransLink holds auditions on an annual basis for the program in the fall. Single and duo performers are welcomed.

Successful musicians are issued a licence valid for two years and are scheduled to perform at specific locations and times on a rotating schedule. Performances are 90 minutes in length, with 30-minute intervals between each one. If a musician isn't performing at their scheduled time, another musician is allowed to perform in their place on a first come first served basis for one shift.

We also have opportunities for buskers to participate at TransLink events if you are interested.

Interested in Becoming a TransLink Busker?

Successful applicants will be required to do the following:

  • Successfully audition in the fall of 2022

  • Attend the Annual General Busker Meeting in December, where the Program will be explained in more detail and licenses distributed

  • Submit a criminal record check

  • Sign the Musician’s license and guidelines

  • Pay the $75.00 TransLink Busker License fee (cash, or cheque made out to “TransLink”)


  • 24-month license: $75

  • Full payment (cash or cheque (made out to "TransLink") only) is required upon successful acceptance into the program.

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