We continue to salt and sand bus loops and SkyTrain stations, but please use caution in these areas and remember to dress warmly in anticipation of potential delays.

HandyDART is currently operating regular service.

Inlet Centre Station

Inlet Centre Station

Located at Ioco Road and Barnet Highway. Within walking distance to Suter Brook Village, Newport Village, Klahanie, and the Port Moody Public Library and Recreation Complex. Inlet Centre Station blends into the surrounding area with single-storey, street-level entrances and lower-level platforms located under the roadway.

With an active Compass Card, the station platform may be used to cross the highway. However, passengers must tap out within 21 minutes.


Station Features:

  • Bus stops on Ioco Road and just off Barnet Highway
  • Passenger pickup/drop-off area
  • Dedicated HandyDART area
  • Bike lockers and bike racks


Bus Routes from Inlet Centre Station

Service at least once an hour during the daytime, all week, all year. Additional service may be provided during early mornings and evenings.

Route Bus Bay
Stop #
160 Kootenay Loop Bay 1 53267 Bus Exchange
160 Port Coquitlam Station Bay 2 61988 West Coast Express
183 Coquitlam Central Station Bay 2 61988 Millennium Line
West Coast Express
183 Moody Centre Station Bay 1 53267 Millennium Line
West Coast Express
184 Noons Creek Bay 3 59569


184 Moody Centre Station
   53173 Millennium Line
West Coast Express


NightBus Service

Night-time bus service.

Route Bus Bay Stop #
N9 Coquitlam
Central Station
Bay 2 61988
N9 Downtown Bay 1 53267


Limited Services

Limited service bus routes operate only part of the day, week, or year, or provide service less than once an hour.

Route Bus Bay Stop #
179 Buntzen Lake
(July to September only)
Bay 2 61988
179 Coquitlam Central Station
(July to September only)
Bay 3 59569