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West Coast Express Station Maps

Our West Coast Express (WCE) Station Maps will show you where the station is located on the street, as well as the bus bays and bus routes that serve that station.

WCE System Map

This map displays the West Coast Express system(purple) alongside the Expo Line(blue) and Millennium Line(yellow) SkyTrain systems.

WCE System Map

Waterfront Station

Located in downtown Vancouver on West Cordova Street. You can make direct connections to SeaBus, SkyTrain, the Helijet and city buses. WCE head-office is located here.

601 West Cordova St., Vancouver

Waterfront Station Map

Moody Centre Station

Located on the south side of the CP tracks, east of the Moody overpass near Spring Avenue. Enter off Williams Street.

65 Williams Street, Port Moody

Moody Centre Station Map

Coquitlam Central Station

Located at the junction of Barnet and Lougheed Highways. A pedestrian tunnel connects the parking area to the station platform.

2920 Barnet Highway, Coquitlam

Coquitlam Central Station Map

Port Coquitlam Station

Located at the foot of Wilson Avenue. If the regular parking is full, watch for signs for overflow parking at the Recreation Centre.

2125 Kingsway, Port Coquitlam

Port Coquitlam Station Map

Pitt Meadows Station

Located on the south side of the CPR tracks, east of Harris Road near Advent Street.

12280 Harris Road, Pitt Meadows

Pitt Meadows Station Map

Maple Meadows Station

Located between Maple Meadows Way and West Street near Dunn Avenue.

20010 Dunn Avenue, Maple Meadows

Maple Meadows Station Map

Port Haney Station

Located on the north side of the CP tracks, near the junction of River Road and 223rd Street. No parking is available.

22300 River Road, Maple Ridge

Port Haney Station Map

Mission City Station

Located on the south side of North Railway Avenue, between Welton and Home Streets. A pedestrian overpass connects the parking lot to the station platform. There is no elevator connecting the south side of the tracks with the station platform. Customers with special accessibility needs should take this into consideration when planning a trip. All buses connecting to this station are operated by BC Transit.

33200 North Railway Avenue

Mission City Station Map